5 Things You Need To Do Before Jumping Into Paid Marketing

One form of marketing that is rather popular these days is paid marketing. Paid marketing as the name suggests you will need to pay a publisher or organization to either put up banners or pop-up advertisements on their websites, online pages, billboards, magazines, or any other medium. Yes, it is always good to invest some money in order to reach out to people but before doing so it is advisable to have a kick-*** strategy and a proper execution plan and also to know the different types of marketing available out there.

Before you jump head first into paid marketing, the team here at ThunderQuote created a super simple list of 5 things you need to do before jumping into paid marketing!

#1 : Do Your Homework and Start Researching Your Market

You must always start by doing market research to identify your best customers, you need understand their needs and focus on a product that will draw their attention. You must make sure your strategy in the long-term has a profitable relationship with your customers. Therefore, you would need to create a marketing strategy that is flexible and can easily respond to changes and demands. Once you have all your marketing strategies defined and implemented make sure to monitor its effectiveness in order to maintain success for your business. A comprehensive and effective marketing strategy will help you to outline and describe your company’s overall direction and goals and it should always articulate how are you going to deliver the best product or services that will satisfy your customers needs in order to be successful.



#2 : Plan and Execute a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a comprehensive marketing strategy in hand, you will then have to come up with a plan to execute your marketing strategy and this is when a marketing plan comes into play. A marketing plan is a complete document prepared by a company that outlines all advertising and marketing plans for the year. A marketing plan is created to achieve a company’s goals, hence it comprises of all business activities involved in order to accomplish the marketing objectives that has been set such as who will be your target market, how to reach out to them and how to get them to buy and continuously buy from you. By planning ahead, you will be able to cater for any changes that occurs throughout the year such as people leaving the company, competitors coming up with better ideas and also to keep up with the current trend. 

Step 3 : Planning Ahead Will Definitely Help You

Sometimes you may feel that planning ahead and having a marketing strategy is redundant but think again, if you do not have any document to be your guide, you are sure to be in deep  trouble. You need to;

  1. Understand keywords that would work well both for you and your customers. Be specific with your keywords that will gain popularity among your customers
  2. Identify and recognise where to put up your ads. Choosing a wrong platform may make it harder for you to obtain optimum results
  3. Track the effectiveness of your ad in order to improve for the future
  4. Review your results. Once your have the numbers make sure to review and work on any fallbacks.
  5. Set a budget. Always have a certain amount of money kept aside for your marketing and try not to exceed it. 

Step 4 : Understand How Long Tail Keywords Work

Keywords or Google Adwords is something that every marketing manager needs to know about. You need to be able to master it as well. There are multiple types of keywords that you need to master. The first thing is head term keywords which is the more expensive and much more searched keyword. Head terms are keywords that should be the centre of your article with at least 10-15 uses.

Long tail keywords however, make up at least 70 percent of the rest of Google search terms. Using these terms will definitely help you capture so much more of the readers of the internet.

Step 5 : Create A Landing Page and Keep Up With Analytics

A landing page is a must have for your company website. A landing page is important because it lets you send your visitors to a special page instead of your main webpage. This is great to allow for specific promotions to be seen by a lot more people.

In addition to that, a landing page will make tracking super easy and you can see who has viewed your website and this brings about a better understanding of your visitors.

The team here at ThunderQuote would like to help you get your marketing strategies together so that you spend your money on the right things!


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