Creating A Modern IT Infrastructure To Grow Your Business

Businesses that are just starting out are generally on a shoestring budget, a fact that is even more pronounced in this dreary economic climate. Be that as it may, having a solid IT infrastructure is still a must, as everything in this digital age employs technology one way or another.

Having a plan for every aspect of your business is incredibly important, therefore having a strong IT infrastructure is the smartest thing to do. Starting a business is already very hard, so you need every bit of help you can get! The team here at ThunderQuote have come up with a modern IT infrastructure for your budding business.

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5 Lessons You Can Learn from Leading Content Marketing Giants

With the internet generally being the first source of information for society today, and social media permeating every aspect of our lives, is it any wonder that creative content marketing is fast gaining ground as the top marketing strategy in the online and digital sphere? The various content marketing guides easily available on the internet today all sing praises of the many digital content marketing strategies employed by corporate giants, and how the strategies have managed to boost company revenues and outreach by leaps and bounds.

Content marketing giants have made it because of the sheer fact that they are amazing at what they do. They know the best times to launch the best campaigns and they are always looking out for new and improved ideas that they can play around.

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4 Designers Explain How They Got Their Best Mobile App Ideas

The advent of digital disruption has given rise to pervasive smartphone use, and along with it, a steadily growing interest in mobile applications (mobile apps). These apps run on various platforms – the two most popular being iOS and Android – and share one thing in common: they are here to stay. The Apple App store is home to over 2 million mobile apps, while Google Play has over 2.2 million apps, a number that is expected to further increase going forward.

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The Amazing History of Web Developers!

The World Wide Web as we know it today is an ever expanding sphere of web pages and applications designed to feed humanity’s thirst for knowledge, connectivity and entertainment through videos, photos and interactive content. But have you ever wondered how this information – neatly packaged into an accessible and appealing website – came to be? Who are the great minds behind the web design and development – and more recently, web application development – that ensure easy access to information for the masses?

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How Do You Pull Off the Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaign?

The sheer number of products and services available today means that society is spoilt for choice when it comes to making a selection. This has enabled the field of marketing to thrive, with organisations investing heavily in marketing management and research to gain the biggest market share for their offerings.

The marketing world has seen so much change just in the past decade and there has been some amazing campaigns that deserve to be highlighted always. In this article the team here at ThunderQuote explored the greatest guerrilla marketing campaigns to help you pull of your own marketing campaign today!

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6 Brand Strategies that Most CMOs Fail To Implement

What’s the first brand that comes to mind when you think of carbonated drinks? For most people, it would be Coca Cola. According to Business Insider, approximately 94% of the world’s population is aware of Coca Cola’s red and white logo. Such is the ubiquity of the Coca Cola brand, making it the world’s leading soft drink maker today.

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How Mobile Apps Help You Breeze Through Your Daily Projects

Mobile app development and app design has definitely come a long way since smartphones first burst onto the tech scene. There are apps available for just about any task, interest or age group and what’s more, they are available on almost every platform so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues. And just as there are millions of tech consumers around the world who use these apps, there are just as many tech-savvy individuals who are good at building and designing mobile apps that bring fun and convenience to our doorsteps!

Mobile apps have become such a staple and they have definitely transformed our lives for the better.

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5 Brilliant Brands That Succeeded Because of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been touted as the marketing strategy of the future. The quantity of content marketing guides available online bears testimony to the popularity of this strategy, and it shows no signs of waning in the near future. Many globally established brands have been quick to align their marketing strategies with quality content that focuses mainly on educating customers, and less on selling to them, consequently garnering positive results all around.

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Top Online Marketing Formats You Need To Master

Regardless of whether you are part of a corporate entity or an entrepreneur running your own business, outreach and brand recognition are key to the success of your ventures. Businesses are constantly looking to expand the outreach and enhance the visibility of their products and services, and these needs have resulted in marketing firms mushrooming all over the world, and digital marketing and design becoming one of the biggest profit-making businesses of today.

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