Should I Be Making Corporate Training Videos for My Company?

Many studies have shown that watching a video – as opposed to reading pages of text – allows an individual to better comprehend, recollect and retain information. Enterprise-software company SAVO Group found that the average employee forgets 65% of information obtained from a training session after seven days, a percentage that jumps to 90% after six months.

The team here at ThunderQuote have put together this article to help those out there that might need some advice for creating corporate training videos for their company!

Also, according to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents, emails or web articles. As a result, corporate training videos are fast becoming a staple in companies, using them to facilitate the onboarding process of new hires, train staff members on safety procedures, demonstrate how a product or service works, or provide a refresher course on a specific skill or competency.

Corporate training videos are designed to be educational yet entertaining, and are an effective method of communicating information in a concise, straightforward and engaging manner. A well-produced corporate training video can leave a good impression on employees and imply alignment with technological advancement. Investing in a good video marketing company to produce professional, high quality corporate training videos is a viable option for companies with big training budgets. However, not all companies have the luxury of hiring externally when it comes to developing corporate training videos. If hiring a video marketing company is beyond your budget, the next plausible step would be to have the corporate training video done in-house by the staff members themselves.

Producing a corporate training video in-house can be a good learning experience for staff, but there is firstly a need to understand the fundamentals of video production and ensure the availability of the necessary equipment for producing and editing the video.

A poorly done video is likely to damage company reputation, so for a start, it would be useful to send the staff involved for a video production course to familiarise themselves with the dos and don’ts of video production. These video production courses introduce the fundamental elements of video production, and provide tips on producing effective and engaging training material. Let’s look at several key considerations when producing a corporate training video.

Brand alignment

A company’s image and brand recognition begins with staff and extends to clients and consumers. Staff are the brand ambassadors of a company’s products and services and as such, it is important that the video used in the training successfully builds brand awareness and credibility among staff. It must also maintain brand consistency and reflect company culture. The content of the corporate training video, along with the selected fonts, colour scheme and visuals should be consistent with the company’s brand identity and ideals.

Volume of content

A well-thought out script organises your ideas and allows you to effectively and efficiently convey key messages to the target audience and reduces production time. The script will help to determine the appropriate visuals to be used, and decide on the length of the video. One of the main goals of a corporate training video is to illustrate complex processes easily, so it would be good to keep sentences concise and refrain from using complicated words. To further engage your audience, maintain a friendly and conversational tone throughout.


Message clarity

Complicated theories and confusing calculations are best explained in a succinct and simple manner. To do this, exclude unnecessary information and avoid lengthy explanations by using charts and visuals to aid comprehension. People are limited by the amount of information they can absorb in a training session so to make it worth their while, focus on the key points. If there is a big amount of information to share, consider breaking the material into different segments or chapters that can be shared across several training sessions. A focused and engaged audience retains crucial information more easily, so structure your messages in a manner that allows for that.

Audience engagement

An effective corporate training video successfully achieves that delicate balance between the number of serious issues discussed and the number of entertaining elements included. To keep your audience entertained while educating them, consider including visuals and voice-overs, upbeat music, catchy titles, and play with different camera angles. By presenting your concepts and issues in a creative and novel way, you engage your employees intellectually and emotionally, thus improving their quality and speed of learning, leading to higher productivity levels and better business outcomes.

Quality control

The function of a corporate training video extends beyond that of training – it is a product on which company perceptions are based. Just as you would invest in producing the best marketing and advertising materials for your products or services, you should also insist on high quality when it comes to corporate training videos. A company’s video production standards give audiences a glimpse into the company’s values, so it is important to maintain a high level of quality in the production process. Ensure scripts and subtitles are proofread, content is clearly dictated, tones are modulated to highlight key points and translations are accurate. A well-produced video will go a long way towards making the training process a beneficial experience.

Information retention

To assist your employees to retain information learned in the training, consider collating all the videos and placing them onto the company’s intranet. This allows employees to easily refer to the content and refresh their memories on the key concepts. By making these corporate training videos easily available, employees would be more likely to continue improving on their skill sets and competencies, thus giving the company a big advantage.

Corporate training videos do not have to involve a video marketing company or a big budget to produce. The most effective and engaging videos keep to the fundamentals above and have the audience as its main focus. Training’s carried out with high quality corporate training videos have the potential to grow company talent, so if your company budget allows for it, take the opportunity to send your staff for a video production course and let them take charge of the production process. With the right guidance and quality control, your company will benefit tremendously from a well-made corporate training video.

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