Creative Ideas For An Office Renovation

Office renovations can be tricky,but it is something that you must consider either when you have just moved in into a new building or if your current one needs some upkeep, repairs or even to change it’s whole look.


Let the team here at ThunderQuote help you get those creative juices flowing. A great looking office will only boost the working environment making your employees feel better. And what happens when the people who work for you enjoy where they are working? It will just result in better work and turnover times! So a renovation or a revamp is strictly necessary every few years to maintain that interest in a great working environment.

Renovations and additions can improve the livability and sustainability of your office. With proper planning, research on ideas and a reliable renovation company, this tricky business may just be like a walk in the park after all. Here are some ideas to help you with your renovation;

Plan ahead

Make sure you have your renovations plans in hand before making the next move. Your renovation plan should be clear and should define your goals noticeably. Is your renovation plan meant for short-term or long-term? This aspects also should be noted down. Are you planning to stay in the same office for the next 5 years and what is the purpose of the whole renovation? This now leads us to the next point;

Define Your Goals

What is the main reason for your renovation? Are you trying to make your office space more comfortable for your clients? When are you looking at starting the renovation plans? All these are to be planned ahead and included in your renovation plans to ensure. Of course not forgetting, have your renovation plans budget ready, clearly indicating how much are you willing spend. Take time to sit down and plan what needs to be done such as purchasing new office equipment, purchasing new furniture to substitute with the current one if needed all other cost that will be incurred and so on. Make sure all those involved in the renovation plans are on the same page as you.


Be sure to choose a timing that is suitable for you and your business. Renovation plans are sure to interrupt all daily duties in your office. So choose a time to do the renovation when your business or office is not too busy. All renovation works has to done efficiently and in a timely manner to avoid disturbing normal office activities. Have a renovation checklist and always update it as time goes by to make sure that all aspects has been covered according to the time frame given.



Hire professionals

Hire an office renovation company that can do your job well. You would need a professional who is well versed in both interior and exterior knowledge. They are the best people to advise you on what can and what cannot be done and source out the best material for you. Furthermore, they will be able to develop a plan that will fit into your budget perfectly.

Office Concept

You will need to decide they type of concept you are planning to have for your office. Looking at all the modern designs these days, most offices have moves on to an open office concept. When you walk into most modern offices you will no longer see alll those high partitions in between employees. This is because no one likes being confined in a tiny little area making you feel claustrophobic. Also communications amongst employees are also smoother without the partitions making them more productive. An open office space would also generally make your office look large and cosy.

Colours, colours, colours

How often do you see an office with bright colours? Rarely, because people are afraid that these colours may not be suitable but ditch this idea and move on to adding bright colours to your office. Bright colours are sure to excite your employees and they will feel more motivated to work as compared to the normal whites, browns, greys and neutral colours

Reflection or waiting area

This is a place you should have in your office when your clients or customers come over. It does not have to be something so elaborate, just have a comfortable chair, table and perhaps a small water feature for them to just sit and relax while waiting. They will surely be impressed and have good things to say about your business then. It will allow for your customers to see that you are trying to make them feel comfortable. This shows the extra effort that they would definitely appreciate. 


This is something you must look into closely as it is used the most day in and day out. If  you are thinking of using carpets then be sure to choose those that can withstand high traffic and is durable. This is because you do not want to have a carpet that needs constant washing and cleaning as it only going to wear our faster. Choose a carpet that has a nice colour as well so that it further brightens up your whole office. If you are planning to tile up the office also be sure to choose tiles that are highly durable so that they last longer.


If you have the budget then go ahead and shop for new and modern looking furniture but if you don’t then choose another alternative as buying can be quite costly. Try getting your current office furniture to be refurbished with new fabric instead of buying or throwing them away. Match the furniture with the colours and carpets of the office too.


If your office windows still look like they came out from a 1950’s movie then it is highly recommended that you change it. Windows should be large and long so that more light and air can get into your office making it less stuffy. Also choose the latest windows available nowadays as they are insulators of heat making it cooling for you and your employees.

Renovating anything is a daunting task but it can be done if you get the right tools and professionals to help you with it. If you need better professional help, head on over to Th

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