Price Guide for Your Retail Office Renovation in Australia

A swirl of recent renovation activity across Australia continues to bolster the large retail format sector. Sales growth for these retailers is always high as they move towards identifying new options to make their outlet appealing.  Retail office renovation space is underway in Sydney’s office market, with limited supply and strengthening tenant demand pushing rental growth to a two decade high.

Ongoing sales growth across in the large format bring into the aspect of increasing renovations. CBRE’s Q3 Retail Market view report, reported, household goods retailing continued to experience growth over the year to August 2016, with a 1.4% increase experienced over the period. Below listed are some renovation quotes that gives a clearer idea on renovation price guide and office renovation. Knowing the types of expenses involved in a retail renovation quotes is essential for drafting a realistic budget.

For most projects however the three key costs to consider are design, materials and labor. There have been large increases in costs in WA in recent times. Reason for this increase is largely due to higher energy costs, material shortages and skilled labour shortages. For example if you live outside Perth, you should allow an additional margin to reflect higher building costs in these areas. Typical renovation costs are around $2,000 – $2,500 per square metre, these costs are average only and vary widely depending on the specific job conditions.


Renovation Price Guide and  Office Renovation Key Indicators:-

  • The size of your renovation (larger projects can offer a more economical cost per square metre)\
  • The accessibility of your site
  • The quality of the work – budget or top of the range

Add 10 to 20% to your final budget- This is what you call a back-up plan—a ‘contingency’ plan that is extremely important for every project. Overspending is very common on building projects. Renovation experts recommend factor in an additional 10% of your project costs into your renovation budget.


Sensible plans will help you calculate quantities of materials to prevent wastage during renovation. It is also to convince the local council for approval process as it may be tedious. They probably will have to analyze your design before giving a thumbs up. Some changes will also take place if necessary. If you’re considering an innovative or complex design, an architect can add the ‘wow’ factor to your renovation. Hire designers as they are always ready to design and approve your building projects.


Materials are extremely important because it is what will be used for your renovation. However, it is important to ensure that you don’t buy too much and waste it. In addition to that it is also important to buy better materials to ensure that your renovation doesn’t fail on you in the future. Quality is crucial!

This makes it important to shop around and compare prices though there are ways to reduce the cost without scrimping on quality. Timber consumption in construction is under pressure as the residential market increasingly turns to high-rise multi-unit development. Timber use in higher rise construction has a long way to go if it is to emulate emerging uses in northern hemisphere markets. There are always advance technologies or materials that are being used for office retail renovation in Australia. But you may want to survey the market first to identify the best options available.




The most important factor is labour costs, it most likely takes a solid chunk of your renovation budget. Sometime, doing some of the work yourself, you will reduce the labour cost but at some point you’re likely to need the services of a professional builder. There are a lot of commercial offices that do or manage the renovation on their own. One of the largest mistakes building owners make is underestimating the renovation costs for their office.

This can lead to very sticky situations, as once you’ve started a renovation project it’s difficult to stop and change up your initial plans since you always need council 

If you’re planning on making renovations (or buying a building with the intention of renovating), make sure you can accurately estimate how much those renovations will cost. When estimating the cost of labor, get multiple quotes and check up on the contractors’ reputations. Some contractors will charge less but have a history of lower quality work, or billing for addition variation changes to cover the initial low cost. Hiring skilled, experienced contractors is essential to the success of your renovations. It is worth investing a little bit of extra money on reputable and experienced contractor teams, so you don’t need to stress out over the other items.

Fit-outs and fixtures

Renovated premises will usually need fixtures, fittings and services installed before you can start to operate your business. Smart design tips can increase the usability of the space and reduce short and long-term costs. You may want to look into buying or leasing new fit-outs and fixtures to make your office attractive. In Australia, there are many suppliers of office furniture, but to gain access to shares, look to the big box retailers such as Harvey Norman, Fantastic Furniture and possibly the department chains, although they don’t carry much furniture these days. But with the mega developments at Barangaroo, Sydney and Docklands in Melbourne, the demand is high for all sorts of office equipment. This is despite the rise in activity-based working, which has seen a different demand for furniture.

We hope that this guide helped you figure out the renovation for your office as it is important to have a spruce up every once in a while. If you need professionals, head on over to ThunderQuote today to find the perfect guy for your renovation today!

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