Look Great For Business Headshots With These Cool Tips!

Believe it or not, a head shot is your calling card. A dynamic head shot for some professionals can often be the difference between acquiring a job or not. When it comes to getting a great business portrait we suggest you put a bit of thought into what it is you want from your headshot.

You may need to start hunting for a photographer that specialises in business portrait’s, you may not want to hire a photographer who specialises in kids or pets. Making the right decision in hiring a photographer will give you less of a headache and more of a great solution instead. They always say, your first impression counts, but with headshots, it will be sent out and emailed to tons of casting directors and agents, who see hundreds of these every day, on their desk and on their computer. So in order to secure a job, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. This article will give you some tips to create a business headshot that’s perfect for you!

Think about what you are going to wear

Dressing appropriately is necessary, don’t wear any graphic logo t-shirts or band names or funny slogans on your top. The chances are that they may be cut off in the shot and look silly. You’d be surprised how many people have writing on their tops and it just looks bad. After all this photo is probably going to last a couple of years on the companies website. Using the correct attire business head-shots will portray professionalism.

Be elegant but simple, the goal of a portrait is to convey as closely as possible who the person is through their face. Wear white clothes, it  always calls for attention, patterns also draw the eye away, as does a bare arm. Shirts and blouses that complement your eye color are usually great.  If you wear glasses they should have non-reflective lenses. For ladies, Jackets preferred in dark tones; blouses mid to dark tones – avoid white and small patterns. If you’re not wearing a jacket, then long sleeves are best.  For men, Jackets preferred, solid colored shirt – avoid white and small patterns. If you’re not wearing a jacket then long sleeves are best. A tie, if you generally wear one, should be classic. Bring a selection of ties to see what works best.


Make up

You may need to look good, even in your business head-shot, end of the day this is a professional shot of you at work. A natural look always works best. Don’t go overboard, what you’d do for a big night out, probably won’t work for a corporate head shot. Keep it simple and make sure it feels good for you. If you normally wear a strong lipstick, then that is fine, but don’t go for a bold look that will come off as too much.After all you want the image to be a good professional representation of yourself. Some people spend way too much on makeup, only to have to get their head-shots redone afterwards because they look fake in all the photos.  

Find a photographer that gets you. You have to vibe with the photographer, and that person has to make you feel very comfortable, as you will hopefully be using this head-shot for a couple of years and sending it to everyone.

Smile and facial expression

According to a study published in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people who looked happier in photographs were viewed as more trustworthy, while people who looked unhappier were viewed as less trustworthy. They allow you to connect on a genuine level with the viewer.

When it comes to facial expressions, confidence matters. Photographers should  tell people that they can choose to smile (just without visible teeth) or not but never appear too serious. Make sure the subject looks at the camera and always have the camera slightly above to avoid the dreaded “double chin” look. A subject might want to practice some facial expressions in the mirror. Professional photography and business photos should always emphasize on the direction of the eyes. This is very important to the composition.

Relaxing and stay chill

You have to start to relax, that is the mantra. Meditating for a minute or two before you go in front of the camera can do wonders for your nerves. When it comes to your professional photos, the single most important thing also happens to be the most difficult! Relaxing seems simple, but it’s easy to tense up with a camera pointed your way. Try to act natural, take some deep breaths, maybe even laugh at yourself if that would help put you at ease.

Body language is hugely significant in business portraits

Body language plays an important role too. When a prospect sees your business portrait online, they will make assumptions based on what’s in front of them. And that includes reading details into your body language. What’s that conveying?

These tips will definitely help you take great head-shots that will increase the reach of your company. Pictures are intimate things that will allow your company to seem more approachable and that’s amazing when you need to expand your horizons.

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