How Mobile Apps Help You Breeze Through Your Daily Projects

Mobile app development and app design has definitely come a long way since smartphones first burst onto the tech scene. There are apps available for just about any task, interest or age group and what’s more, they are available on almost every platform so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues. And just as there are millions of tech consumers around the world who use these apps, there are just as many tech-savvy individuals who are good at building and designing mobile apps that bring fun and convenience to our doorsteps!

Mobile apps have become such a staple and they have definitely transformed our lives for the better.

Mobile app design and development is more than just a skill for creating games. App designers and developers are realising the need to build and design mobile apps that help manage daily tasks, school assignments, or even work projects, and the popularity of such apps shows that there is a huge market for those who are looking to build an app with such capabilities. If you’re looking to go into mobile app development and app design, have a look at some of these handy mobile app development wonders that give us a leg up when it comes to projects and assignments.

Connect easily with an app like Slack

The various methods that we use to communicate – email, WhatsApp, text message, Skype and calls – are all good, but it can be quite troublesome having to use so many different platforms, especially if you’re communicating with a group of individuals. In this scenario, Slack is your saviour. Just like its tagline, ‘All the tools you use for work, in one place’, Slack is an app designed to hook into popular third-party communication services, allowing you to have a discussion, upload images, send and receive files, post tweets and share links, all in one place. This helps to keep everyone on the same page in a fast and fuss-free manner, but most importantly, it’s free! Slack also allows you to invite an unlimited number of users and gives you space to archive about 10,000 past messages. Talk about fantastic mobile app development!

Meeting up? Use an app like Glympse!

If you’re meeting an important client, you’ll want to do all you can to assure him/her that you’re going to show up on time and at the agreed location. Knowing how important this is, developers have designed a mobile app that allows you to share your location for up to four hours at a time. With Glympse, you can keep your client informed of your whereabouts by sending a link to his/her mobile device through an email or a text message. By accessing the link, they will be able to see your real-time location on a map, and track you as you make your way to the location. They don’t need to have the Glympse app installed in their mobile devices to access the link, which is makes it easier, and with the app designed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, it’s easily available to all mobile users.

Work on documents together with Quip

This is yet another example of mobile app development skills put to good use. Introducing Quip, an app that allows teams to work together on documents in real time. Quip (available on Android and iOS) gives team members that are geographically separated the chance to collaborate on the same document or spreadsheet simultaneously, and communicate with each other from any device through a real-time chat system. Also, once the work is done, the documents can be accessed from popular cloud storage services and exported to Word, PDF and Excel formats. In their words, it’s about ‘combining content and communication in a single, simple experience’.

Give information a fresh look with Piktochart

Imagine an app that allows you to create charts, graphs and infographics through your mobile device. Completing a report has never been so easy and you have Piktochart to thank for that! This swell app gives you a choice of 10 templates with different layouts and colour schemes that can be customised according to your taste and saved as a template (the paid version has more choices and advanced features). Make your report come alive by adding text, maps, videos and charts – you can even play around with the colour palettes to create striking infographics and outstanding charts and graphs. You can upload files and make A4-sized prints of your final report as well.



Pretty presentations: Sway

Released by Microsoft in August 2015, this app, which hails from the Microsoft Office range, gives users with a Microsoft account the tools to create interactive reports and presentations by combining text and media. It comes with the usual graph- and chart-making function, but you can include videos, web content and even social media posts to add an interactive element to your final product. All you need to do is add your content – Sway is an app designed with a built-in design engine that will enhance your report accordingly, but gives you an option to select a different theme if you so wish. It also ensures that every report is responsive, so regardless of whether you’re viewing it on the phone or PC, the report will look great either way. The best part is, it’s free!

Brainstorming reimagined: SyncSpace

SyncSpace is a great brainstorming tool that mimics the whiteboards in your regular meeting room, only it’s so much more than just a whiteboard. Even if your team members are not in the same location as you, everyone can log into the app and start sketching out ideas on the same drawing space simultaneously, over the internet. You can also invite more people to collaborate on the sketches via iMessage or email. The space available for drawing is almost limitless, and the zoom function of this app allows collaborators to zoom in or zoom out for a clearer perspective on the sketches. SyncSpace even claims that their zoom function makes handwriting on a 10″ screen become feasible! Once you’ve finalised your work of art, it can be emailed as a set of images, and you can edit it later if you have any amendments.

These apps have made it on our list today because of the sheer creativity and knack for solving problems that one may have in their day to day lives. These apps can definitely go extremely far as they have found the holistic balance between fun and work.

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