Top 6 Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

If you are an avid user of the internet that thrives on social media, you are probably also the unfortunate recipient of dozens of electronic direct mails and have had countless banner ads, pop-ups and other digital junk shoved in your face daily. All these in-your-face marketing strategies have a way of numbing consumers, and the messages the advertisements are trying to convey inevitably get lost in the noise.

Influencer marketing on the other hand, is fast gaining a foothold as a key marketing strategy. The reason for its popularity lies in its focus on consumers who, once converted, become influencers or brand advocates who willingly spread the good word on a company’s products or services to others in their social media circle, thus furthering its outreach. 

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5 Converting Ways To Optimise Your Website For Mobile Users

In the age of the internet but before the advent of smartphones, it was very rare to find websites that were optimised for mobile devices, and for a good reason too. Traditional mobile devices lacked the technology to view websites as intended, and mobile screen sizes rendered reading website content – much less purchasing products and services – practically impossible, hence the popularity of the desktop and laptop for general web-surfing and e-commerce activities.

However, thanks to technological advancement, smartphones developed in recent years offer an amazing viewing experience for the mobile user, catalysing a rise in the number of mobile websites. Of course, desktops and laptops are still very much alive today, effectively complementing the use of mobile devices for web-surfing activities. Consequently, marketers must realise that a desktop or laptop user can also be a mobile user – often in the same day too – and design websites that provide a seamless experience across devices.

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10 Procurement Best Practices You Should Be Doing Right Now

As with any business process, there are a set of best practices that should be adopted to maintain business excellence and improve productivity, and the same applies to a company’s procurement process. Procurement best practices are designed to be cost-effective and capable of boosting a company’s revenues, and efficient procurement processes make up a big part of a company’s procurement policy.

While each company has their own tried-and-true procurement process, several methods are gaining popularity with established companies the world over. This article by the team here at ThunderQuote introduces 10 key best practices that should be incorporated into your company’s procurement policy and procurement process to ensure supply chain excellence.

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