7 New Technologies Shaping Online Marketing For The Better

Online marketing is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that has been analysed, written about and discussed in detail for as long as it’s been around. It owes a big part of its success to the many technological innovations available today such as social media platforms and mobile apps. But one thing has remained constant when it comes to technology – it’s ever-changing and constantly evolving with time. New technologies that were seen as up-and-coming just a couple of years ago may well be close to being obsolete today, while many other technological innovations are waiting to be discovered and touted as the next wave of new technologies.

Current market trends and necessity are what catalyses the invention of new technologies, and this very much applies to the online marketing sphere. In this article, we take a look at seven of the most recent technological innovations that are currently in development, or ready to be deployed to reinvent the way online marketing is perceived and utilized going forward.

  1. Augmented reality

You may remember the augmented reality game Pokémon Go was all the rage just a few months back, and while its hype has somewhat lessened considerably, it still gave the online marketing community some food for thought on how to engage audiences at such an outstanding level. Augmented reality isn’t exactly a new technology per se, having been around for several years now, but the level of user adoption started rising only recently, along with its sophistication. Seeing how people take to this technological innovation, online marketing techniques have been trying to emulate its success by taking a leaf out of its concept. To illustrate, beauty retailer Sephora launched a Virtual Artist Tool last year, which customers can use to try on Sephora’s line of makeup and lipsticks using just a front-facing smartphone camera. The app was a big hit, chalking up 1.6 million downloads within the first eight weeks of its launch! Virtual Artist Tool’s developer Modiface believes that this novel online marketing tool, which relies on the intuitive purchase process, is likely to increase online and mobile conversions by 80%.


  1. Virtual reality

If you think augmented reality is radical, you’re going to be even more impressed with its close cousin; virtual reality. This not-so-new technology is a firm favourite among gamers who want an immersive gaming experience, and it seems that even online marketing companies are beginning to realize the benefits of virtual reality in boosting their online marketing strategies. Advertisements are good avenues to integrate online marketing with virtual reality, giving users an almost real-life experience of the product or service without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. This would definitely appeal to homebodies who don’t relish the thought of jostling with over-eager customers who are hell bent on getting the latest lipstick shade. The possibilities of this marketing strategy are practically boundless – imagine what this would do for conversion rates!


  1. Artificial intelligence assistants

Apple’s artificially intelligent personal digital assistant Siri has certainly redefined the meaning of efficiency in helping iPhone users perform various functions and obtain information. With just a voice-based command, users are given reliable information and answers to their questions almost instantaneously – time is of the essence, a fact that is even more pronounced in today’s fast-paced world. The use of artificially intelligent assistants has even made its way into the online marketing sphere, with the emergence of Amazon’s Alexa. This technological innovation is capable of a wide variety of functions including creating shopping and to-do lists, as well as ordering take-out food. If you think online shopping is limited to selecting items over a website by referring to product stills, you’ll be happy to hear that artificially intelligent assistants have arrived to make efficiency the new order of day!



  1. Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms used for the purposes of online marketing basically look for patterns or trends in a person’s online activities and use that information to push products, services or information that would interest the person. These algorithms are useful as computers can mine data at a much faster rate than a human, and give unbiased information. For example, suppose a person searches online for a particular brand of breakfast cereal. The learning algorithms are able to take note of this and suggest other brands of breakfast cereal with similar price ranges, ingredients or dietary specifications. It can also alert the marketing team to send direct mailers to inform the person whenever their favourite breakfast cereal is on offer. This also allows the marketing team to determine whether the algorithm used had accurately identified the person’s preferences.


  1. Data visualisation

Most of you would have heard of the term ‘big data’ being bandied about the workplace so often that it’s becomes somewhat of a buzzword. Fortunately for all of us, it’s a buzzword for a very good reason! Big data gives us significant insights into consumer behaviour, which would ultimately mean that marketers the world over can devise more effective marketing strategies. But before these strategies can be devised, the data needs to be presented in a manner that is simple and easy to understand. In other words, it needs to be information, not data. This is where data visualisation comes in handy, presenting information in graphs, charts or easily-understood graphics that offer an uncluttered story. It provides marketers with a clear understanding of consumer habits and current trends, giving them a leg up when it comes to improving their online marketing strategies.


  1. Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a recent technological innovation that can provide social media posts to software programs, which then create content for consumption. It certainly benefits online marketing efforts in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but marketers who rely entirely on automation may see their creativity levels plunge considerably, which ultimately leads to boring marketing strategies that may not go down well with the target audience! Well, everything in moderation, so the saying goes!


  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) defines all forms of internet-enabled, interconnected devices such as smart kitchen and home appliances that can be integrated into a single system. This technological innovation is an efficient online marketing strategy targeting consumers who use these devices. Back in the day, home advertising used to come in the form of TV or radio adverts, but since the advent of IoT, marketers have found it a lot easier to carry out targeted advertising to consumers in the comfort of their own homes. This new technology is already redefining the sphere of online marketing in ways unheard of before this!


There is no doubt that technology is always changing, thus being extremely important for us to keep up on the most recent technological innovations . Our team here at ThunderQuote  hopes that this article gives a detail insight on the new technologies shaping online marketing for the better. For more information, please click related articles or visit our website.

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