Vendors Needed To Kickstart Your Advertising Business

Advertising agencies, also known as creative agencies, are businesses that create, plan, and manage advertisements, as well as other forms of promotion and marketing, for clients. Advertising agencies usually pitch for projects from established companies and startups by preparing storyboards and showcasing their past projects. The digital age has greatly changed the way advertising is done today. Although TV, radio, and print advertising are still widely used, they are no longer the preferred form of advertising for most businesses. Instead, many companies are moving towards more efficient and effective platforms such as social and digital media for their advertising needs. If you own a budding advertising agency, you will require several vendors that specialise in different areas of advertising and marketing to get the show on the road. Here are the select few who should be on the list.

Art directors

Art directors mostly work with traditional media platforms, specifically printed publications such as magazines and newspapers, but their services are also employed for advertisements on product packaging, as well as movie and television productions. Their main responsibility is to create the overall advertisement design and direct other individuals who develop the artwork or layout. Art directors collaborate with the creative team, which consists of illustrators, photographers, designers and writers, to bring to life the advertising strategy, concept or idea. They supervise the work of designers and artists who produce images, illustrations and graphics for the advertising campaign, and determine the general style or tone desired for each project. Naturally, art directors are the brains behind the vision and approach for an advertising campaign.


Copywriters are essential to an advertising agency as they are the custodians and originators of marketing content. Being the art of writing for promotional advertising or marketing, copywriting can make – or break – a client’s business, so it’s important the hire the right people for this role. In marketing, copywriters write with the purpose of promoting a client’s product or service, or providing informative content to a target audience to boost conversion rates. There are two types of copywriting in businesses: B2C copywriting focuses on providing product information and a call-to-action, while B2B copywriting seeks to highlight a brand’s image or identity. Copywriters must have the ability to understand the requirements of the client and translate the briefs given into advertising content that can raise publicity levels, grow outreach and entice potential customers. It also helps if they have excellent language skills, which are needed when curating blog posts, as well as video and website copy. To help you meet your clients’ deadlines, it’s helpful to hire reliable copywriters who are available during set hours.


Media planners

Media planners work in advertising agencies or media planning and buying companies, and are the go-to persons when deciding which media platform to use when advertising a client’s products or services. Media planners are well-versed in the art of maximising the impact of advertising campaigns through the use of a wide range of media, both digital and traditional. For digital advertising efforts, media planners create a digital media plan that consists of digital videos, banner ads, social media promotions, mobile banners/video, and digital audio clips. They manage tie-ups and contracts for advertising slots with online news portals and subscription-based video-on-demand services to air their client’s advertisements. A big part of a digital media planner’s role involves regular meetings with representatives for news portals, production houses and publishing companies. Being the person who builds advertising campaigns from scratch, they must be knowledgeable about current market preferences, and come equipped with hard skills such as keyword optimisation to develop media plans that make a strong positive impact.



Video producers

The general assumption people have of video producers is that they are primarily in-charge of directing on-screen talent. While that may be true, a video producer’s role extends far beyond that. Video producers manage all aspects of a video’s production process from start to finish, and also handle the planning, scheduling and editing of videos. They are responsible for keeping to the video advertising budget, and in the case of traditional advertising, secure permits and locations for video shoots. Video producers also hire and schedule other individuals who are part of the production crew, such as camera operators, makeup artists, sound engineers, video editors, and graphic artists, and are responsible for establishing on-set safety precautions. In addition to ensuring that the content, length, tone and style of the video meets the client’s requirements, a video producer also facilitates the communication of information between the client and members of the production team. The key concern of a video producer is in ensuring that the advertisements produced are within budget and of high quality, delivered on time and within budget.

Social media strategist

According to the Social Media Examiner, 90% of all businesses indicate that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. This tells you that it’s imperative to having a social media strategist onboard your marketing business. Almost all businesses today have a presence on social media, and they will want to fully utilise the publicity and outreach that it provides to grow their businesses. Among the responsibilities of a social media strategist include designing social media strategies to achieve client marketing targets, curating and publishing content on social platforms, and acting as the administrator for a client’s social media accounts, ensuring that the content within is up-to-date. When hiring a social media strategist, it’s important to select someone who is good at search engine optimisation (SEO), capable of identifying the preferences of target audiences, and has the expertise to create the right content.


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