Procurement Software And Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

Procurement professionals have a lot on their hands daily, what with the amount of research, documentation, administrative tasks and stakeholder management efforts needed to secure a good deal when it comes to business purchases. As such, they could really do with some help on increasing team efficiency and productivity, and this is where productivity tools and procurement software come in. Here are a list of several productivity tools and procurement software that look to assist procurement professionals to perform well in their everyday tasks.

Promena e-Sourcing

Promena, by Promena e-Sourcing Solutions, offers eSourcing, eAuction, eProcurement and supplier relationship management (SRM) solutions with the aim of bringing high efficiency, timeliness and cost savings to procurement professionals in their purchasing activities. A cloud-based solution, it offers reporting and spend analysis services, manages a competitive and transparent tendering and auction process, assists with procurement processes online, and promotes professional and sustainable SRM solutions. Promena offers a free trial for potential customers, as well as online support during business hours. This eProcurement software promises to bring about higher cost savings and improvements to productivity, transparency and risk management parameters in the supply chain.



This slick communication tool is designed to eliminate unnecessary meetings that go on for hours, and prevent important information from getting lost in the barrage of emails that procurement professionals receive every day. It’s a chat app built specifically for business. With Slack, users can create chat channels dedicated to specific topics or project groups, send direct messages to other team members, and easily search the archives for the information in past discussions. Slack has all the necessary file sharing capabilities that allow users to share, upload and download files. There is also an option to access Google Drive and Google Docs for files, making it easier to access important information on the go. Slack is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to stay connected, even when away from the office.



NextBuy is a procurement process solutions software that focuses on key areas in procurement such as SRM, strategic sourcing and operational procurement. It claims to smoothen the process of purchasing by making it more efficient, structured and transparent. Problems such as the lack of information on suppliers, tedious tendering process by emails, invoices without PO numbers, and divided information about company spend will be a thing of the past with NextBuy. It has a Global Supplier Database that helps users obtain information from and manage their suppliers, as well as an eCatalogue, where users can look through to source for more information and contacts on suppliers. NextBuy can also assist procurement professionals in managing companies’ spend data, analyse KPIs and record all savings generated.


DeltaBid is a bid management tool for buyers to run and analyze hundreds of bids with ease. It also handles sourcing, supplier management, requisitioning and security. This productivity tool claims to ease the lives of procurement professionals everywhere and make their workdays more productive by managing request-for-proposals and the tendering process for them. DeltaBid is designed with the user in mind, and does not require the user to have any experience in sourcing to use the software. Even a beginner can open it up and start sending request-for-proposals to potential suppliers in a jiffy. Likewise, suppliers can also submit their bids easily through DeltaBid. In terms of SRM capabilities, DeltaBid can categorize suppliers and track their qualification statuses, effortlessly pulling up their information in a split second. This allows users to quickly see who are the suppliers that are qualified, and even those that have been blacklisted, leading to a better use of time for more strategic procurement matters.



Trello is a workflow and project management software that helps procurement professionals manage their project workflows as well as personal timelines. It allows users to create a board for each individual project, where a series of lists can be created, e.g. to do lists and checklists, and to which comments, checklists, due dates, and attachments can be added. For example, the procurement department can use Trello to update team members on the latest bids from suppliers, and share details on prices and product offerings. It also allows users to invite other team members to collaborate on the tasks listed on each list. These lists are easily customisable according to individual or team need. Basically, Trello allows users to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding manner.



Being a web-based procurement platform, Procurify is not only easily deployed, but also cost-effective as there will be no need for extra hardware, licences, and setup or maintenance services. The SRM software allows users to make requests, approvals, and purchases from any Internet-connected device. Its user-interface is easy to use as its design is quite similar to an eCommerce website, giving the user an experience similar to online shopping. Its real-time platform helps users to create, track, and report on all requisitions, purchase orders, and expenses. The SRM software helps to speed up and simplify communication with potential suppliers as it boasts an in-app messaging and notification system that stores all communication in a central database. Procurify can also produce analytic reports that help businesses track purchases in real-time, allowing buyers to make informed decisions during the procurement process. By offering a direct connection between buyers and suppliers, this web-based SRM software effectively increases engagement between both parties. As it works well on common computer operating systems, the Procurify SRM software is suitable for most midsize and enterprise-level organisations. The SRM software even comes in the form of a mobile app and is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


In a nutshell, your procurement official has a lot on his plate! It is crucial he has productivity tools and software in order to increase work efficiency as well as have a smooth work flow. Head on over to ThunderQuote  for more related articles


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