10 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using Today

Marketing consultants and marketing firms are a dime a dozen these days, but how many are capable of offering fool proof brand marketing strategies and digital marketing ideas that are sure to put your business at the top of the list? Cost is a big consideration when it comes to engaging marketing firms and naturally, most small businesses that are just starting out are constantly thinking up creative ways and finding avenues to raise publicity for their brand, product or service. Unfortunately, in this slow economy, they are also the first to be affected by budget cutbacks, resulting in a reduced budget for advertising and promotional activities, consequently leading to lower sales figures.

In these challenging times, try taking a leaf out of the unconventional book by employing guerrilla marketing, a non-traditional brand marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to bring in the much-needed publicity for your business. Jay Conrad Levinson, who published the book Guerrilla Marketing in 1984, deftly explains guerrilla marketing as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g. profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money”.

Consumers today are constantly inundated with advertisements and digital marketing strategies made with big budgets by the giants of digital marketing and design, but most of these efforts hardly generate a ripple of interest in consumers. On the other hand, guerrilla marketing brings a fresh perspective to brand marketing strategies, guaranteed to make consumers sit up and take notice, all without putting a dent in the business budget bowl.

So, if you’re ready to emerge tops in the war for market share, take note of the following guerrilla marketing tactics that are guaranteed to give your business a boost!

  1. Quirky and fun business cards

Who says business cards need to be boring and ‘business-like’? They may be a necessity, but you would have more success in your networking and a wider customer reach by injecting life into your business cards. Consider cards in different sizes and shapes, and experiment with word play, bright colours, different textures and interesting information to set them apart from the dull and dreary.

  1. Pop-up shops or mini kiosks

This brand marketing strategy banks on the importance of location to trump up sales and push for brand recognition. Many young entrepreneurs have jumped onto the ecommerce band wagon and are reaping the benefits of digital marketing and design. Participating in bazaars and markets, and setting up mini kiosks or pop-up shops in malls provide convenience to customers, and more foot traffic and eager browsers equate to higher sales figures.

  1. Innovative flyers and posters

Get your creative juices flowing by complementing your digital marketing and design strategies with the tried-and-tested method of distributing flyers or putting up posters to advertise your brand. Only this time, put a spin on the brand marketing strategy by making the flyers or posters humorous, interesting or just down right shocking! Anything that grabs attention is bound to make consumers sit up and take notice.

  1. Giving away free samples

Most people wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to receive free samples. In some instances, just the word ‘free’ is enough to drive them in droves to where the action lies! Businesses, being well aware of the public’s propensity for freebies, have long capitalised on samples or free gifts in their digital marketing and on-ground marketing campaigns. Entice customers by giving them a chance to experience a product or service at no cost!

  1. Sponsoring Events

Event sponsorship can net your business a lot of publicity if done well. Events are a good opportunity to highlight your brand. Think about strategically collaborating with the event organisers to bring in the crowd with exciting games and contests. Throw in a freebie or two, and the public will be privy to your brand in no time!

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  1. Organising a flash mob

A flash mob is a guerrilla marketing tactic that has risen in popularity in recent years and is being increasingly employed by big brand names to tout their products and services. This quirky and creative advertising method can draw large crowds and command the attention of everyone in the vicinity, especially in this digital age. It is practical and makes use of readily available resources to encourage mass participation and make a statement.

  1. Going undercover

This method is also known as ‘stealth marketing’. Marketers blend in among their target audience and promote their products in a manner so subtle, audiences often do not realise that they are party to an advertising tactic. A good example is Sony’s 2002 mobile campaign, where hired actors walked around the city getting strangers to pose for a photo together, during which the actors would sing praises of the phones’ features and capabilities.

  1. Championing a good cause

Get your message across by raising awareness through a good cause, for example, by supporting a non-profit shelter for stray animals. The impact of this strategy is felt more profoundly by volunteers going on the ground to engage with the public. Apart from getting more foot traffic, educating the public on the importance of responsible pet ownership and spaying through face-to-face interactions and by disseminating flyers and brochures is a sure-fire way of getting the message across.

  1. Fashion First

Look for a T-shirt supplier that charges reasonable prices to print your brand or logo on, and lower costs by buying in bulk. Everybody needs clothes so you would be killing two birds with one stone by having someone on the street wearing a T-shirt with your brand on it!

  1. Bloggers unite!

Bloggers are considered influential figures today, and some are even their own brand. Gaining an endorsement from a blogger guarantees to raise the profile of a business, resulting in an increased number of potential customers. Food bloggers, for example, play a significant role in growing the popularity of restaurants and cafes through their blogs, and is a great guerrilla marketing strategy to net more patrons.


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