7 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the marketing strategy used, businesses market their products with a single goal in mind: to reach as many people in their target audience as possible. Most businesses today are taking advantage of the pervasiveness of technology in modern life by embracing digital marketing methods using the internet, mobile devices and display advertising.

Knowing this, content marketing can greatly benefit from the use of videos because in today’s fast paced world, most people would be more inclined to watch a video rather than scroll through mind-numbing pages of text, no matter how concise it may be.

The popularity of video marketing could be attributed to its ability to deliver key messages in a fun and engaging manner, and in the shortest possible time as well. The younger generation are especially attracted to digital marketing methods, which also happens to be incredibly social, making it an effective marketing strategy. In general, video marketing can effectively convey the intended message to the target audience right from the get go. Let’s take a look at how you can harness the power of video marketing to strengthen your content marketing strategy.


Landing pages

The landing page is the first thing customers see when they visit your business website so you would want to make a good impression by reducing clutter and making it eye catching. A landing page is also a good avenue for video marketing, and a well-made, customised video that tells a compelling story of your company and its products is a great content marketing strategy. A study by eyeviewdigital.com shows that having a video on the landing page increases conversion rates by 80%. Videos capture the viewer’s attention for a longer time – this increases the length of time viewers stay on your landing page, giving them more time to digest your message. Also, you up the trust factor by featuring yourself or your employees in the video, so it might be a good idea to try this.

Social media platforms

The outreach of video marketing is greatly enhanced by the power of social media because of its sheer number of users every hour of the day. Social media users come from all age groups and social statuses, giving you maximum opportunity to reach out to all segments of society. For this digital marketing strategy to be effective, it’s imperative to know what makes your target audience tick! To catalyse discussions on your videos, make sure to send a clear and concise message, taking into consideration the fact that most people have short attention spans!


Forward-thinking businesses have been quick to capitalise on the ubiquity of YouTube by making it a key content marketing strategy. Traditional video marketing comes in the form of a standard TV commercial, which most TV viewers would have seen and experienced at some point in time. In this digital age, however, video marketing has been revamped and reimagined to cater to the younger generation of viewers, and is now consumed over an additional medium – the internet. Video platform YouTube is arguably the second-largest search engine after Google, and its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2005. Imagine the reach of YouTube when employed for video marketing!


Paid reviews are all fine and dandy, but the authenticity of a customer’s testimonial is priceless and probably the sincerest of all video marketing strategies today. Most people are probably sick and tired of paid reviews and TV advertisements that use actors to sing praises of a product or service. Some might even think that these methods insult the intelligence of viewers! To actually have someone from the general public who has no vested interest in your company use your products and gladly speak of its virtues is invaluable endorsement that cannot be replicated in any way. These video testimonials can be shared across social media platforms, or placed on YouTube and your company’s website to spread the word of a happy customer, which is guaranteed to do wonders for your outreach and revenue.

Video replies

To establish a closer relationship and gain the trust of your target audience, it’s important to engage with them through social media and other digital platforms. Questions and comments about your products or services that are posted on your company’s social media pages musn’t go unanswered. But instead of doing so through text, why not inject a little colour and sound into the process by making a video? You could even create a YouTube channel dedicated to answering customer’s questions. This content marketing strategy makes use of digital marketing in the most ingenious way, and allows you to provide answers to customers’ questions in an interesting and engaging manner.


Video tutorials are content marketing strategies that take video marketing to the next level. Customers appreciate it when they are given clear instructions on how to work a product that they purchased, and what could be clearer than a video tutorial? Walking your customers through your products and services tells them that they are important to you and that you appreciate the business that they bring. This only serves to create loyal customers of them, and in the long run, you will be able to see the profits piling up. Make it easier for your customers to access these tutorials by placing them in a prominent section of your company website, or provide a link to the YouTube channel where the tutorials are housed. Your customers will be more than chuffed!

Educational content

Educational content is the cornerstone of content marketing and it makes good business sense to produce more of it. Educational content can come in many forms: a blog post, manuals and guidelines, performance updates or even messages from the CEO, but having it in video format makes a world of difference. It’s no secret that most people would rather consume large amounts of information by video – nobody wants to scroll through pages and pages of text, especially in this fast-paced world. With this video marketing strategy, you are guaranteed of your audience’s attention, and they will thank you for this enlightening experience that feeds their senses!


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