Why Your Website Is Still Crucial For Content Marketing

Internet marketing is no longer a zero-sum game lead by advertising and sales. The web development of social media platforms and their immense popularity has blurred the distinction between a company’s website in slumber and other avenues of marketing. Where does the quiet website really stand amongst these competing channels?

Notwithstanding the explosion of social media reading and sharing, content marketing has now become an indispensable tool to attract new consumers and leads. That’s because the whole way people view information has changed- they are no longer satisfied with ‘hard sell’ but want to be engaged on a personal, authentic, and more customised way. Good content creates more value today than it ever did before by gaining the consumer’s confidence and building long-lasting relationships. Surveys have shown that more and more B2B companies are realising the importance of content marketing in their strategic web development approach to increase traffic. Whatever the scenario may be, any company’s parent website still plays a crucial role in content marketing for the following reasons:


Sticking to Your Core Values

Even though brand pages do not receive as much traffic in a distributive internet marketing era, consumers still use official websites to verify information about companies and products. A study by nRelate found that 48% of online shoppers trusted content in brand sites. In other words, web developers should not make the mistake of neglecting content marketing in their websites. Despite the plethora of other websites on the internet, your website is unique to you and represents your core values, ideology, and mission. The way you market your core values inevitably impacts how seriously consumers take your product delivery. Your website is always at the centre of your internet marketing and web development strategy. No matter how well you market your content on social media and external blogs, a sloppy brand website is bound to put off potential leads.


Control and Consistency

Naturally, you have more control over your own website than you do with the constraints of social media platforms. You can experiment around with it to meet exactly what your consumer niche wants without having to juggle several variables that require special attention in social media websites. Having complete control means that you can use the comforts of your own website and web development to create quality content that will drive more traffic and leads.

There’s no reason why consistent efforts to revamp your website’s content won’t push business sales. Moreover, while social media trends are always changing in digital web development, your website will always be a reliable and more serious space for consumers to make decisions and discover new products. Remember that most people will visit your official website first as a reference point before moving on to read online reviews and testimonials on other sites.


Drawing a Distinction

Social media platforms often foster traffic based on shares; it’s not so much about the content as the domino effect. That’s also why posts or articles that are meant to be viral use special optimization tools like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), User Generated Content, blogs, and much more.  But that doesn’t diminish the value of content marketing on your website in any way, because it should remain a focal point for search engines and standard common enquiries, elements that will stay evergreen in web development. A host website with excellent content can continue to generate views long after social media shares that are more ephermal in the internet marketing culture. Unlike social media, a company’s website also has important practical information such as product location and delivery that cannot be verified elsewhere.



A professional website makes your company profile more credible and trustworthy. Most consumers do not trust product companies having no website at all. Moreover, having a website plays a crucial role in the content marketing of small B2B businesses which have lower budgets and fewer sponsors. For these businesses, it’s the content marketing on their website that can make it or break it. Besides focusing on pure aesthetics and formatting, having a strong content base for your website will legitimise your company name and help consumers see that you are trying your best to deliver even with few resources and capital. It can drive heavier traffic to your site and therefore increase conversion rates and sales. Once your company has a more stable base in web development and recognition, you can expand your content marketing strategies to include typical social media platforms including blogs.

Web developers face an uncertain path ahead with big data and analytics revolutionising the way algorithms function. As Jack Ma puts it, people are now comparing wisdom and user-friendliness instead of muscles in the burgeoning e-commerce industry. While it is difficult to predict if social media platforms will completely overtake traditional websites in the future, your website is still a crucial element influencing your content marketing. In fact, you should think of your website as an ecosystem which branches out to other multi-faceted platforms drawing in a diversified consumer base.


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