What Do Corporate Videos Cost To Make?

One of the first questions that we typically get when working with a new corporate client is “how much is this corporate video going to cost? In this article, learn comprehensive guide to the elements of video production quote that bring implications upon how much you can expect to pay.

Despite how accessible video production technology has become, it doesn’t make everyone an expert. It is easy to see the difference between a video with experience and thought behind it, and it’s amateur counterpart. As a business owner or marketing professional, it’s important to have cost elements in mind when considering a corporate spot so that you can help to streamline your process.


What Drives the Cost of Online Video?

In this case, time, talent and tools are the three basic factors that drive productions costs.  These factors eventually get reflected in dozens of small budget decisions that impact the quality of the final product. The more time that is spent in pre-production planning, scripting, location scouting, shooting, special effects and editing the better the final product will be.  Adding more people to the production team also increases the total time spent on the project.  The greater the talent of the people working on the project, the better it will be.  In online video production, as with most things in life, talented and experienced people tend to cost more. You can produce a video with your cell phone.  Or you can use a high-end camera with a professional lighting kit and sophisticated cost-production motion graphics and animation.  Sophisticated tools and the top-level professionals who know how to use them add cost.

Low Budget – Under $3000

Content production company, video making services, cost of video production is important in determining the cost involved. Video production quote for low budget corporate video is the most common budget range for most small business owners. The cost covers all of the basic necessities of any production. Even on a smaller scale production such as one that would fall under this budget range, a lot can be done to produce an extremely high quality and effective final product.

Those videos are all about keeping a very strict production schedule and limited scope of work. From beginning to end, the entire production will take less than a few hours to create the video. If a client wants editorial control in one of these low-cost videos, they can purchase it for an additional charge. 

It is important to note most large video production companies will reject all requests under this size, this size of projects are often only taken up by freelancers or smaller video production firms.

Medium Budget – $5000 – $15,000

Video production quote with small business video will get the most of your budget. Since there are a wide range of prices that a video for small business might cost, there some strategic parameters that a sound online video content marketing strategy can follow so a small business is prepared to speak with an professional online business video production company. Mid-sized projects that are most often requested by business owners or marketing directors that have had videos produced in the past and understand how dramatically video can help their sales.

High Budget – $25,000+

There are so many variations and ingredients that do or don’t go into creating corporate videos. They might or might not require creative writing, voice overs, actors, graphics, large crews, multiple shoot days, multiple cameras, cranes, complex editing – the list goes on and on. Seasoned and experienced clients will often opt for a higher budget production .While a low budget or medium budget project can still have very high production value, on a higher budget project, additional time is spent developing a release strategy for the corporate spot to ensure that it gets seen by the most amounts of targeted viewers.

Which Is Right For Your Business?

Most video producers are always thriving towards producing a great corporate video. Video producers make it easier for companies to understand what is needed. This largely depends on what is affordable for your business and what your goals are for the video. Many of our clients have started out by producing videos in the low budget range, and after seeing dramatically increased sales or traffic to their websites, they have opted to invest more in their projects, eventually working up to the higher budget range. The key factor to remember when considering a video is your return on investment.

Why video is one of the most cost effective, valuable and effective methods of communication you can use in your business? A poor quality video is only going to damage your businesses reputation; this is the last thing you as the client want. Your business and company are reflected in whatever videos you post so you need to make sure that your video reflects your brand.

Of course, every production company prices things in their own way, but this process above is how we determine the cost of a video production. These are based on a very common brief for producing a corporate video which requires location filming of simple action or actuality footage. Communication with clients, marketplace, stakeholders and employees is vital to the success of any organization.  Whether it is a particularized experience or part of an integrated program, corporate videos can be the most amiable and straightforward way to bring that communication to life.

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