How Much Does An Explainer Video for Your Business Cost in Singapore

More and more marketers are using explainer videos as a marketing tool to promote their brand or company. This is because they have realized videos have a much higher impact on people as opposed to reading an article or explanation. Explainer videos provides a much better clarity as they saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual hence videos gives you a clearer view.

People are very emotional and when you touch their emotional part you are sure to get something out of them and this is exactly what an explainer videos can do. Now you may be thinking that producing a video is going to cost you a lot. In actual fact the cost of videos is rather low nowadays.

Video Production Cost

Once you have created a video it can be reused a couple of times into many different digital marketing platforms. For example the same video can be used on a website, your landing page, social media and also email newsletter. Hence why video production cost is not that high after all. Once you have decided on the content and time-frame of your video it is then time to look for a professional that can provide you the best deals.

Before you sign that deal with a particular company, let us break down a rough estimated cost for you for an explainer video. This is just a rough guide so you can gage what to expect.

Hiring an expert

What you pay is what you get. So if you are looking at hiring a student/fresh graduate would be $100-120/hour and other production companies you are looking at $120-250/hour.


A script or storyboard would give you an idea of how your story is going to flow visually. Without a clear story it would be a total waste of you money as people will not be able to decipher the message that you are trying to pass across. There must be a clear picture of your brand and company as the video will then be able to help to make your business move forward. You are looking at $80-150/hour for an experienced marketer to develop an exceptional script for you.

Design, Animation & Post-Editing

Design and animation is a very meticulous job as they will have to match many different design according to your story and sound. It then depends, are you looking at simple designs or designs that are fancy and complex and of course you are going to pay according to what you choose. Basic graphics and editing would be $80-180/hour and the more complex ones could easily double up that price.

Music & Sound

Imagine watching a video without any sound or music. We are sure that you are not even going to last 10 seconds through the video as it is going to be boring! A professional sound designer will make sure to include sounds that will excite your viewers and for that you will need to pay an extra $30-200/track. If the track has copyrights you will then need to pay more for the copyright chargers.

Actors/Voice Overs

The cost of actors and talents vary according to how famous they are. The charges can range from $50-500/hour but if you are looking at renown celebrations to star in your videos then please be prepared to pay a lot more. If you are just starting up just get Talent Agency to look for some model/talents to work with you before upgrading. You will be surprised at all the talents we have around us.

Sets and Props

Where do you want you shoot to take place? Do you need chairs and tables or other form of furniture? Do you need costumes for your talents? Depending on what you need for your video is then how much you will have to pay. Of course a posh location is going to cost you a lot more compared to filming in your backyard.

Length of video

A longer video will result in a longer filming time and a longer filming time will cost to pay more for everything else depending on the length of your video.
Now you have an estimated idea on how much a video production cost is. You can always start with something small and once you have reap the benefits out of it be sure to upgrade it. You do not have to worry as you are sure to gain something out of your video. People love watching and sharing videos which can turn into sales for you. Also, with the world of digital marketing that is extremely competitive and is always upgrading, you do not want to fall back and cost you your business. Therefore, do set a small budget first to create an explainer video. If you need help we at ThunderQuote can get you many different quotes from reputable companies to choose from.

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