How Data Can Help You Personalise Your Next Company Event

Data is a vital part for event organiser to host either corporate events or non-commercial one. So thanks to technology, we may able to gather data and gain lot of information. Data can be classified in four classes which are demographic, engagement, customer relationship management (CRM), and events. All of these help to give the possible outcome with your next company event. According to George Sirius (CEO of Eventsforce), event data is incredibly valuable. The more we make of that data, the more valuable it becomes. And yet, managing all this data is one of the most complex issues that event planners are facing today.

As an event organiser, you can make educated guesses in which sessions will be most popular and plan accordingly, perhaps scheduling must-see panels at multiple times or in the room with the largest capacity by gathering data about clients that will attend your event. So, here is how data can help you personalise your next company event.

Achieve maximum personalization

For your next event planning business, event data is very useful when you plot in usage and behavioural data from your own product and third-party integrated apps, like Products purchased, Net Promoter Score, Revenue and In-app events. By passing all of these events into your automation platform, you can send highly targeted messaging that is as close as you can get in order to create one-to-one journey for every customer. Event data make the whole process easier for event organiser, including facilitating live polls and Q&A sessions to networking tools that can give insight on who your clients are meeting with at your event. It is exhilarating because it gives event organiser the power to control over what they want their attendees to experience. By setting up beacon outside the room when clients pass by it on their way out from a session, the event app will be prompted to open that session’s survey. Then, you will get feedback about the sessions and speakers at your event.

Audience engagement

Post-event surveys are invaluable sources of data for an event organiser, because they provide information that can be applied to future events. Plus, asking for honest feedback from your guests makes them feel respected and valued. Repeat clients will give a huge satisfaction if they come back next year with some of their suggestions implemented into the programming, and less so if they feel ignored. It would be ideal to meet each guest in person during an event to obtain vital information. But the difficulty to greet and meet directly every single clients cannot be denied.

However, even if you are unable to meet with every person attending the event, you can still use the data to the utmost level in order to boost satisfaction, planning an event that are more personalized, develop customer relationships, and increase your ROI. Plus, the apps from branded mobile not only providing a platform to engage more audiences or clients, but they also set the stage for making your company event highly track able in the future. When clients interact with the app, it can be translated as an interest signal. As a result, you can get massive insights into event speakers and messages that draw the most attention. You will gain real-time feedback based on the actions performed in the app.

Big data big benefits

For event organisers, data can be collected from several sources such as online registration platforms, RFID chips, email marketing, social channels, mobile apps etc. Let’s take registration system as an example. The data in the system is used to accumulate a report on all commissioners that will be attending a particular session for your next company event.  You may share this list with people who attend that session to facilitate networking opportunities that are relevant to them. But you can do beyond that. Break it down by company type, interests and goals and share the list with your session speaker.  They will use this information to tweak the content of their presentation or personalise it with content or examples that are more relevant to the audience next time you intend planning an event. Data has done a decent job, but how it affects your company event?

The information gathered can help you as an event organiser to explore new industry insights to improve your events and operate with greater efficiency, boosting your event ROI, in addition to enlighten the clients experience and journey. If you are planning a corporate event and have a strategic meetings management programme in place, then you are already benefiting from the power of Big Data analysis. Make sure to put in just a bit more effort to personalize your event planning as it will pay off in the long run. You can print your clients preferred nickname on their nametag, or offer them much-needed discount. This will make them want to come back and remember your event. With so much data at your fingertips, there’s no reason yours shouldn’t be that kind of event.

Once you get position as an event organiser, you will become really serious and will not take your minds off of event planning business. Yet, do not jump into a hot boiling water by leaving your registration lists, laptops and smart phones unattended. Make sure that data on your screens is not visible to unauthorised users.  If it goes to the wrong hands, you will probably lost all your data and all you can do is saying goodbye to your business and company event. So, be aware and cautious all the time.


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