Price Guide for Electrical Services in Singapore

In Singapore electrical services covers electrical supply work that refers to the repair, replacement and installation of supply systems from the distribution board to the entire flat or apartment. This includes circuit breakers, switchgears, power outlets and lamps. This may also include air conditioning wiring and power sources.

In some cases the electrical works include telephone lines and computer hardware or internet connections

Basically any home appliance that is electrically powered is an electricians job. All electrical work must be undertaken or carried out by a licensed electrical worker. Such electrical work includes new wiring, rewiring and extensions which have to be tested before the supply is turned on.
The electrician license comes from the Energy Market Authority ( EMA ). The electrician for domestic repairs is different from commercial repairs as the level of voltage and power differs. All in all there are three classes involved but the one that we are referring to is the electricians license

There are electricians recommended by the HDB or other authorities but there are also many that are independent or company based. Be sure to also check the years of experience of the electrician because shorter years may not have the required level of competency that you want.

The scope for electricians in Singapore covers quite a lot of tasks which include the following

  • Power failure, tripping problems
  • Full house or part re-wiring
  • TV point, heater point and air con points
  • Ceiling fan, water heater installation
  • Replace main circuit breakers
  • Repair, Troubleshooting
  • Faulty or broken power points & light switches
  • Extra telephone, TV, electrical sockets
  • Cable TV sockets, SCV point
  • Electrical fault, electric blackout
  • Additional lights and sockets
  • Fault finding, inspection testing
  • Data telephone system, antenna
  • Move, add or replace light fixture
  • Home entertainment systems installation
  • CCTV, fire alarm installation

Electrical work costs ultimately depend on the amount of work required in your house such as the number of power points, lighting points and cable points. Concealment of wires and plastering will also affect pricing for electrical work. The focus on electrical works is based on the labour charges which is the expertise you are paying for. Appliances can be purchased but the installation is up to the electrician to sort out

Repairs for minor works like lamp or bulb replacement are the lowest costs and can start at $8 per light. This can go up to $20 depending on the type of light.

The next level of works is the repair or replacement of fans. Again the figure will vary according to the type of lamp and also the degree of difficulty accessing. The price for installing wall and ceiling fans starts at $40 per fan.

Next is the power point or outlets. The number of points and location will decide how much you have to fork out. There are also two or three types of power outlets that are based on the appliance that you want it connected to. This scope also involves circuit breakers at the distribution board. The price starts at $80 per point and can go up to $120.

The higher costs of electrical works involve troubleshooting of supply faults and repairs that require walls, ceilings or floors to be cut open. In some cases wiring has to removed and reinstalled. This sort of work is all done by the electrician because the specifications and equipment used are beyond the level of competence of normal people. The price starts at about $150 and can go up depending on the level of damage that needs to be addressed.

When it comes to commercial or industrial cases then the price will go up to three or four times higher. This is because the equipment and voltage supply is higher and thus the level of work is different. In fact for this reason the person has to have an Electric Technicians license which is higher than the electricians license. The higher the license, the higher the labour rate because of the higher level of expertise.

Electrical works have a bit of room for the customer to decide and buy some of the fittings or appliances or connectors. However the installation is all up to the electrician and it is this labour rate that varies. Take some time to study the rates offered by various electricians. Obviously people like to choose cheap but be careful of the quality. It does not pay to do the same job twice.  Location and transport all add to the cost so it is prudent to search for an electrician that is nearby rather than across the island.

Generally electrical services are well regulated but there are cases where the job done is not satisfactory and disputes may arise from it. Be clear and make sure the electrician is also clear in his task. It is always better to discuss and communicate on issues that may arise in the process of carrying out the job. This is where most of the problems happen. Check backgrounds of electricians if possible and get some points of views from neighbours or friends who have gone through good and bad jobs. After all, the customer is the one that end up paying.


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