Price Guide for Plumber Services in Singapore

There are two types of plumbing services in Singapore. 

Water service plumbing work refers to the repair, replacement and installation of tanks, pipes and taps for the water supply system. This includes water heaters and various other related to the use of clean water for personal use, washing and cooking. The area of concern is usually the bathroom and the kitchen.

In contrast, Sanitary plumbing work focuses on installing, changing or relocating sanitary discharge pipes and appliances, to carry used water away. This sanitary plumbing work normally relates to clogged pipes and clearing of various refuse pipes. The area of concern is the toilet and also the kitchen.

In Singapore, only plumbers licensed by PUB can handle Water service plumbing works. So it is crucial to check that your plumber is licensed before beginning the service. Failing to do so is an offence and it is prudent to avoid them as they might not be competent and you might end up with double the headache. Be aware that most plumbers charge upfront fees just for showing up, though those fees usually can roll into the cost of repairs and renovations. Plumbers that can speak English and Chinese or English and Malay are a welcome bonus but not necessarily a cost addition.

Licensed plumbers are almost always better at diagnosing tricky problems and they’re more likely to warranty their work. The warranty period may vary according to the type of replacement or repair.

When having to deal with plumbing issues the primary concern is of time. The longer it takes to remedy the situation the worse the leak, the clog or the malfunction. Water issues are quite sensitive as the daily chores and functions all revolve around the water system.

Plumbing issues usually can be classified as minor and major issues.

Minor issues involve

  • Clogged toilet bowl
  • Clogged floor trap
  • Clogged drainage pipe
  • Replace bottle trap for kitchen sink
  • Repair leaking faucets
  • Repair toilet bowl leaks

Clogs represent the most common plumbing problem. But they’re not always serious. A backed-up toilet, for instance, might just need swift work with a plunger. The most common sink problems involve the garbage disposal.

When dealing with these minor issues the level of tools and level of troubleshooting is of the lower order. This means that there is no sophisticated tool or procedure required and the plumber may not have to spend too much time in rectifying the problem. Hence the cost of repair is also of the lower order.

The price range for the minor issues starts at $60 and may go up to $100 depending on the type of repair and type of replacement.

Major issues involve:

  • Replace kitchen sink
  • Replace Sink
  • Replace water heater
  • Replace toilet bowl
  • Detect water leakage of concealed pipes in HDB flats and condominiums
  • Detect water leakage of concealed pipes in landed property
  • Detect water leakage of concealed pipes in commercial property
  • Sewer and septic tank leaks

Major issues require a longer time to remedy. For the case of leakage of concealed pipes there may be some special tools or equipment required and this will add to the cost of repair. Because of the nature of concealed pipes the possibility of breaking walls or ceilings is high and thus more tasks to be done. Serious plumbing problems might require not just replacement of a pipe or two but cutting into walls or flooring. Labour is almost always going to be your biggest plumbing expense, so the more involved the job, and the more that has to be torn up, often the more costly the job.

In the case of sewer and septic tanks there is a health threat that is quite serious. If you find you have a sewer or septic tank issue, keep your family away from the leak, and call a plumber immediately. The rush nature of the job might cost you a bit more, but it will keep your family safe and it will hinder further damage to your home.

The price range for the major issues starts at $120 and may go up to $600 depending on the type of repair and type of replacement.

Factors that affect cost include the quality of and number of fixtures, the time it takes for the job and when the job is needed. Holidays, weekends and after-hours emergencies, of course, will cost more. Be aware also that transportation charges are added and could cost more on weekends.

Before the job is started, plumbers will definitely make an onsite assessment of the situation. This requires some negotiation for both parties and as mentioned earlier the consideration is based on time or duration needed. In most cases, going for the lowest bids may not be the best solution. Some companies offer lower hourly rates, but then tack on equipment fees and other extras you might not have anticipated. More often than not it is better to get a quality job done that is slightly expensive but with at least a solution that will make you sleep tight with no worries.

One way to save money on plumbing is to consolidate jobs. If you know you’ve had a leaky faucet in your bathroom for weeks, ask your plumber about it while he or she is working on your toilet. It could save you money in the long run.


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