5 Types of Effective Digital Ads You Haven’t Tried Yet

Digital marketing remains a multi-billion-dollar industry today despite the gradual demise of traditional advertising methods. This year has been a roller-coaster ride for advertisers with companies like Snapchat, Facebook, and Google diving head-to-head into the cutthroat digital media battlefield. Last year, the smartphone revolution took advertisers by storm and made them realize the urgency of adapting their marketing strategy for mobiles.  And even though Google and Facebook have an 80% share in the digital marketing arena, new competitors are set to change the games of the rule.

Digital media has transformed the art of advertising- people are no longer want hard-selling techniques, but a seamless user experience that effortlessly blends advertising with content. Moreover, companies will have to adapt to the changing ways users remotely access information online, and invest more resources in mobile advertising.  With a rapid change in the business industry from budget cuts to in-house development and DIY tools, how can digital ads continue to survive and thrive? Here are five types of effective digital ads that might just catapult your visibility and marketing strategy:


Native Advertising

As the world shrinks under the forces of globalisation, so does the scope advertising once had. To adapt to an increasingly integrated mode of the business industry, many companies are starting to unlock the wonders of native advertising. Native advertising puts sponsored content from your company on other popular websites which can then be accessed by a third-party link. If you notice, most of the articles recommended at the end of a website open to a separate link, which is provided by native advertising exchange portals like Taboola and Outbrain. The beauty of native advertising is that it automatically weaves external content with the existing content on a website instead of generating s stand-alone advertisements that looks distracting and forced.


According to Hubspot, companies that published over 16 blogs per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than those who made just 0-4 posts per month. Blogging has become a core strategy in the digital marketing era, as people like to explore parts of the web that are more personalized and offbeat. To supercharge your marketing strategy, you should exploit blogs that write content similar to what your company brands. If you run a pets’ accessories business for example, you can pitch creative content to a viral blogger who write about pets. Depending on the popularity and traffic the blog experiences, you may have to pay a nominal fee for every post. Nonetheless, taking your digital marketing strategy to a blog can significantly bolster your brand’s recognition and your consumer base. Like native advertising, it tactfully synthesizes content and advertising to create a disruption-free user experience.


Reddit is a forum for conversations and has over 50,000 communities. It lets users interactively communicate with each other through threads, stories, swap tips, and links to news. It’s also a great place to advocate cheap advertising starting from as low as five dollars a day. The process is full proof and easy, and lets you choose your target audience by selecting which forums you want to display your advertisements on. In fact, the more focused your advertising is, the more likely it’s going to work. You even have the liberty to discontinue your advertising efforts if you feel that you aren’t yielding the results you were expecting. As traditional sources of advertising wither away and digital marketing takes over, companies will have to reconsider the way they package their advertising to a new breed of internet-savvy users.


Instagram is without a doubt one of the most addictive and trending apps amongst millennials with over 700 million users amassed over just a few years (that’s pretty amazing for a service that started out with nothing). And that’s also why it’s the one-stop platform you have to advertise your company in if you haven’t already tried it yet. But how do you make sure you’re even seen in a virtual picturesque world where 80 million pictures are posted everyday? If you want to have a successful digital marketing strategy on Instagram, you need to advertise pictures and stories that are more than just aesthetic pleasures- they need to be something that people can relate to and recognize at a snap of a fingertip.  Companies like Intel and Burberry have mastered the tricks and trade of Instagram by posting content that’s not just a replica of their product catalogue, but inspires people to believe in their services.

Mobile Advertising

According to Magna Global, the global mobile advertising market that was worth $80 billion last year is expected to grow by 31 percent this year. The future is clear: mobiles will and already are overtaking traditional desk-tops. This means that companies will have to restructure their advertising strategies to effectively adapt to mobile devices, or else they would forego a significant chunk of their potential consumers. To promote its Advanced Genifique product for example, Lancôme created mobile advertisements that ran across various apps targeted towards women. What made the campaign ad successful were the kinds of apps and mobile devices Lancôme chose.


Digital marketers face an uncertain road ahead in the face of changing consumer behaviours, business trends, and disruptive technology. In such a fast-paced environment, companies need to balance agility with speed to respond to threats while delivering quality services.  

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