7 Traffic-Boosting Blog Secrets

Let’s face it. Starting a blog and writing content is the easy part. Somehow, for some reason, despite constantly updating and promoting your blogs on your social sites it still seems hard to garner traffic.

There a lot of traffic-boosting strategies that you can adapt to increase your audience, and it may not be as hard as you think.

Here are seven of them:


  • Contest

According to successful blogger Neil Patel, “contests are massive traffic generators,” if done right.

Firstly, decide what kind of contest you want to run as it will determine how much traffic you get.

The rule of the internet is that the more work people have to do, the less traffic you’ll get. So unless you are giving out an all-expense paid trip to Bahamas, you might want to keep it simple. Like asking them why they love your brand in less than 30 words, or upload their best photo with your brand.

Optimise your social media platform usage to promote your contest.

You will also have to decide on the prize to be given away. To do this you will also have to decide the target market you want to appeal to. Is it more general like a pizza voucher? Or more specific, like an all-natural skincare product?


  • Evergreen posts

Write posts that will stay relevant with the passing time. Founder of BloggerTipsTricks, Ankit Singla wrote that evergreen posts create decent traffic throughout the years for several years after publishing and they usually have higher ranks in the SERPs.

He suggested using Reddit for keywords threads and writing list posts on commonly used tools in your niche.


  • Trending topics

Opposite to evergreen posts, you can also write timely topic that is of buzz at the moment. For example, in conjunction to E!’s launch of Life of Kylie, you can do a review of Kylie’s Lip Kits or discuss about the new Samsung smart phone.

To help you pick a subject, you can use tools like Google Trends to find out what subject is on demand at the time.


  • Use visuals

The human brain is more attracted to visuals than it is to text. A normal human attention span only lasts 8 seconds, which is why we prefer using popular visual platforms such as Facebook Timeline, Instagram and Pinterest.

Unless we are really on a mission to research about a certain subject, we would convince ourselves that we have no time to read long articles. Using videos, charts and even memes gets the message across in a shorter time, and gathers more traffic.


  • Interview or collaborate with an expert

Getting an expert on your site increases your credibility and trust. No matter what your niche market is, there will be an expert for every one of them.

Neil’s Patel best advice on getting an expert on board: Just ask. Most of the time people are more than willing to be interviewed for their expertise.

If you are doing a blog on fashion, get a local fashion designer on board or a lecturer in fashion designing. It doesn’t need to necessarily be Coco Channel.

Before you ask for an interview, make sure you have outlines for your story and the questions you want to ask. Let them know about your blog and how you hear about them. Make it personal, and cut usage of jargons.

If you are planning on doing a video, then think about collaborating with another blogger in your industry for example. Or a blogger that is famous in another industry. If your blog is about technology, there is still nothing wrong with collaborating with a blogger in the make-up realm. Use your creativity and figure out a light-hearted video that you can collaborate with.

Not only that you can only connect with other bloggers to send you traffic. The concept is similar to Instagram’s Like for Like or Comment for Comment.


  • Start a forum

A forum will allow your audience to interact with you and each other. It will also drive new traffic with the help of increasing keywords put into it.

You can do this by searching your industry/category + forum. i.e. Malaysian fashion forum. Based on that create a free account on the best forums and use your brand name as a nickname. Try studying these forums before you create one of your own.

Not only will this boost your traffic, but it will also help you gather content ideas for your next post.


  • Respond to your comments

Nothing is worse than leaving a question and have them unanswered. Neil Patel stated that responding to comments increases your traffic. More number of respond lead to more number of words accumulate on the page which is perfect from an SEO-perspective.

Even if it is a simple thank you respond it will leave your audience with a sense of appreciation. Satisfied and appreciated audience tend to return to your page rather than the ones who feel neglected.


We hope that these little secrets will help boost your blog traffic. For more related articles, feel free to drop by ThunderQuote.

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