5 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events

“Do not just focus on creating an event app – focus on creating the experience around your event app.”- Team Aida

Event season has gotten into full swing. Feeling excited and cannot wait for your upcoming events? If you already know how to put better practices on social media when promoting your event, how about giving a try to create your event app? There are even more ways to spread the word, but when it comes to event promotions – event apps have the solution. Event apps have become vital for every event. Besides other benefits like last-minute changes, lead generation, attendee communication, marketing and sponsorship opportunities, it can boost at-venue engagement by over 77%. So, here are the 5 ways promoting your upcoming event by using event app.




Say Goodbye to paper. You do not have to print out all the materials related to your event. Your attendees will get all information in event app. Instead of digitally with thousands of attendees at the event, you can create a centralized database of all content and make updates on the fly with fewer event staff. Make your app really unique and friendly users like photo-sharing, speakers nominations, personal schedules, get directions that they cannot get with print. Coordinate your event content with ease. Display significantly the agenda for your event with eye-catchy and professional design in your event app. Encourage attendees to easily search and browse through your upcoming event schedule and quickly filter by date, location, tags, and speakers.


Offer a discount to early bird registrant

With event app, you can sell tickets online based on first come first serve basis. This could be a great reward to loyal followers to offer an early bird registration discount. Your customers will feel valued and they will also feel like they got a great deal. Offer a discount on tickets or a gift-card draw sponsored by your partner to followers who download and give commitment within the app. You can offer the registration at a lower price before a certain date, or create event promotions code for a percentage off that is valid for a certain time period. Make sure to include final date to encourage followers to use the promo code ASAP.


Post a short video with highlights from similar previous events

People cannot get enough of videos these days, which you can use to your advantage. Create and post a short video of highlights from last year’s event hosted by you in event app for customers. Click-worthy videos always have an attention-grabbing thumbnail that tempts people to press play that you better make sure your videos are outstanding. Do not forget the share button! If people love your video, they will share with their networks of friends. This will make your upcoming events work efficiently and leverage your next marketing ideas to the right audience.


Team up for a door prize

All humans in this planet, including your customers would love free gifts. Giveaway is the most used strategy by entrepreneur as event promotions and you could do it as well but more extravaganza. For your next event, make the announcement of giveaway or contest in the event app. The hundredth person to enter that night, for example, could win the valuable prize. Or you could also do lucky draw. Provide the link of random numbers in event app for users. So, the number that will be announce is the winner. Make your event promotions wild, by pairing up with a local artist, T-shirt Company, or other upstart goods-maker for a giveaway at your next event. The goal, of course, is to promote to each other’s fan bases and spreading your event name. And do not forget to give your door-prize partner free entry to your show as a thank-you for collaborating.


Share teaser slides from event presentations

If your event involves a conference or symposium of some sort, visual presentations are ubiquitous. Using visuals during an event helps people focus on the key information and gives them something concrete to take note of. If your event requires registration fees, it is a good marketing ideas to give potential participants a teaser of the great information that awaits them at your next event. Use your event app as a method to share a slide or two with some juicy bits of information to persuade followers that your event is exactly where they need to be.


When it is all over, do not stop! Just because your event is finished, it does not mean you discontinue to add value to the community you have built in event app. Have you collected a list of delegates and their contact details? Take a time to give a sincere thank you speech to all of your participants for attending. This is a nice way of representing your brand and marketing idea. If there have been speakers at your previous event, ask if you can share their presentation slides in event app; people will find it useful and it will remind them of what they learn and experience at your event. Thus, it will keep them interested for next time. This will help you particularly when you come to repeat the event – you’ve got a captive audience, there waiting for you.

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