Monetising Your Speaking Engagement

“We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business. Why not use that story and message to serve others and grow a real business doing it?” – Brendon Burchard

Above is a quote from a successful entrepreneur that will inspire you to become a better speaker. As entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, we need guts to speak in front of numerous people. If you have public speaking tips in your mind, then you are ready to grow your business. But are you confident enough with your speech to take your business to the next level? If you are like most people, you are over. Great content and seamless delivery in a speaker are hard to come by. If you are delivering these assets without getting paid, follow these tips and you will hopefully be receiving the rewards in no time.



Use your speaking opportunities as public speaker to build up interest in your topic or idea as a whole, which you then offer in a book or another format that your audience can purchase after your talk. Most of motivational speakers offer books, as it is a genuine way to boost your income as an expert. It is essential that you know your target and precise audiences to promote your book.

It may also be worth exploring other formats for the information you want to sell, depending on your audience. A series of videos, a workbook or another format may prove more useful for some people. As long as you have already established a following as a speaker, you are able to do either way fairly easily. Generally speaking, self-publishing is harder because marketing a book is difficult, but with an established speaking platform, that concern disappears.



Are you familiar with TED? It is a good advantage if you are being chosen to speak at TED talk. Motivational speakers need to be an inspiration to people. Yet, inspiration might run dry sometimes, but if you could just talk about your related stories to how awesome you are and how you have helped your other clients, you can often convince people to hire you on the spot. TED program do not pay the public speakers, but they do provide prestige and the credentials of getting your name out there. Writers like Najwa Zebian, Elizabeth Gilbert and the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs have taken their golden chance in this platform and they have achieved success by engaging the people with their products or brands. And you too might become like one of them.



Find the logo that defines you, your brand and your company. Motivational speakers and businesses use this very effectively. Always wearing the same colour when you speak and branding your surroundings with hints of the same colour will make you more memorable. Branding is a dynamic tool that we see at work all the time. Take Apple, for example, an apple fruit with a bite taken from its right side. Once you have picked your own brand logo, theme your slides around it, match any corporate gifts or giveaways to it, and try to wear items of clothing with this logo. This may seem like a simple task, but it is very powerful. Branding yourself with a powerful logo will make your brand more memorable to event delegates and will establish you as a more professional label and, in turn, eventually getting paid for engagements.



After you are experienced as a public speaker, you may have picked up a solid understanding of how an event is organized. You can organize your own event by setting up small conference, a workshop series or seminars that requires motivational speakers. While you may still not be getting paid for speaking, you can earn money through ticket sales, sponsorships and other financial support for the event. It requires a lot of work and effort to set up events, but it is worth the time if you may get an excellent return on the work you invest. Make full use of your opportunities to speak ahead of time if you are considering using your knowledge to set up your own events. You control, manage and coordinate your own event, means you can decide who you might like to have at your own events. Consider every speaking invitation an opportunity to scout out the competition.



Enhancing and promoting your Blog or Vlog concerning public speaking tips is not a bad idea after all. During your speech, direct people to a blog page (like or watch your Vlog that have inspirational messages in it. Encourage people to follow you during your talk whilst giving them a good reason to. This is not only can get more views and getting paid for your products or brand, but makes you the great motivational speakers.


If you want to be remembered use effective public speaking tips like storytelling and make your audience laugh.  Practice makes perfect. Try to talk in front of mirrors before you confront the clients. Most people will remember the last thing public speaker says so make sure your words is a strong close. They might be looking out for you next time. According to Chip and Dan Heath, after a presentation 63% remember the story. Only 5% remember statistics.

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