How Much Do Photography Studios / Photographer Services Cost In Singapore? A Price Guide

Hiring a photography company is great to make sure people know your the essence of your company and brand. People take merely seconds to form an impression on your brand and a good photo can make a world of difference in that short span of time. Good photographers can capture photos that evoke emotions and successfully tell your brand’s story as well as moments that will be remembered for time to come.


Services and Specialisation

  • Event Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Photobooth
  • Product Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Fashion Photography

What makes a good photographer?

  1. Consultation – he/she seeks to understand what you need and truly wants to know what kind of photographs you want.
  2. Style – consistent style in photographs (portfolio).
  3. Clear on the after shoot process, how long it will take, what you can expect.
  4. Able to provide you with different creative shots of what you need.
  5. Very clear on contingencies and backup plans for shoots, organised.


Main price factors

  1. Photographer’s skill level– Photographers who have been in business for a long time are generally more expensive to hire since they have more experience.
  2. Prep work – The more prep work there is to be done before a shoot by the photographer e.g. Getting the right lighting, setting up the event space right, the more expensive a shoot is going to be
  3. Difficulty of shoot – Special products? Unique locations? Difficult to capture surfaces? More challenging shoots can substantially increase rates
  4. Location – Different locations pose different challenges for photographer. Generally, the more inconvenient the place / difficult to access with equipment, the more expensive it will be
  5. Working hours – As per normal, getting more hours translates into a higher price
  6. Additional services – photo delivery, props, backdrops, extra printed photos will all influence the final cost

Expected Price Range For Hiring A Photography Company 


  1. Product Photographer $100 – $300/h
  2. Architecture / real estate $100 – $400/h
  3. Food $100 – $300/h
  4. Aerial $200 – $400/h
  5. Event $80 – $250/h

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Check that your photographer is insured in case of any accidents or equipment damage during the shoot
  2. Ask for past photos from similar projects to assess his quality
  3. Work together with your photographer for a contingency plan in case anything goes wrong (e.g. main photographer falls ill, rain etc.)

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. First, look at the photographer’s portfolio, his most recent pictures. Have an idea of what you want to photograph, what occasion it is and make sure he can deliver. Also depends on what level of photographer you need. Confirm the number of hours you require. See his work before discussing the price. Usually for event photography it’s around 120-200 per hour. For product and more specific photography, you need to know what it is and how much time you require. Before you commit to anything, ask for portfolio or sample shots to check for composition and exposure quality. He must be someone you are comfortable to work with. –(Gary Chow, Administrator of SJS)
  2. When you look for photographers, there are a range of photographers in terms of pricing, expertise… Look at their portfolio and ask for their past clients and links to their works, which forms the base judgment criteria. If you are going to use the photos for printing to big sizes, you need to look for someone who is specialised in that, because the image resolution matters the most. Their experience in the respective fields also matter. – (R.V, creative industry)

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