Price Guides and Useful Information When Hiring A Logo Designing Firm

A good logo would help your brand stand apart from the competition: it’s a meaningful and creative way to represent your company. There are a lot of different logo design agencies around the world and a lot of freelancers. Logo design agencies mostly create new logos for businesses but also update old ones.

To find the perfect company or firm that will help you represent your company the best is hard to find. There are so many companies out there to choose from and there are multiple factors that go into finding that firm. Some of the main factors are listed down below :

Services and Specialisation

  • Corporate Business Logo
  • Web Based Logo
  • Sports and Club Logo
  • Company and Website Logo
  • Product Brand and Logo
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Corporate Business Card
  • Full Logo and Branding Design

What makes a good logo designer/design agency?

  1. Takes time to understand your brand goals and philosophy to influence their design
  2. Works with a detailed timeline and is able to give you a start and end date
  3. Discusses ideas with you and takes into account your purpose not only your requirements. He or she explains limitations, problems and industry standards to help better scope your project to meet your objectives.

Main price factors

  1. Number of hours spent designing
  2. Complexity of the design
  3. Number of variants required (eg. Letterhead version, square version, etc.)
  4. Number of drafts and edits

Expected Price Range When Hiring A Logo Designer


Price range from $400 (inexperienced freelancers) to more than $10,000 (professional agencies).

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Always look at their portfolio before hiring them, if you don’t like what they have done previously… look for someone else!
  2. You should be really involved during the entire creation process to make sure that the final result matches your expectations.
  3. Right from the start, you should know exactly where and why your logo will be used (product, website, app) and clearly convey your objectives to the designer so that he/she can better design it to suit your purpose
  4. You should be able to perfectly explain your business to your designer, and after his/her propositions, be honest with your feedback: don’t wait for the last moment to execute changes.
  5. Clearly lay down the essential requirements, but also give your designer creative freedom to work else they will be unable to display their expertise.

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