Price Guides and Useful Information When Hiring A Content Creation Company

What would blow your mind when you read an article, a book or any other printed material? Our answer would be the content and flow of the whole story and the passion towards writing that work of art.

When reading an article or a book the first few words or paragraphs can determine whether it would be read until the end or not. You can choose to take the shortcut when writing and end up with poor content that would take you nowhere or you can put in all your time and effort to write a mind blowing blog content that can help you build a remarkable brand.

Services and Specialisation

Blog posts: Blog posts are specialized pieces of content designed to engage reader

Authority articles: Create authoritative resources that establish your site as the “go-to” site on a particular subject and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry

Advertisement Copy: Create good copy for your advertisements (online or offline) which can include landing pages, posters, Facebook adverts, etc. that is engineered to appeal to your relevant audience and call them to act on your adverts.

Optimized press releases: Optimized press releases to help garner maximum search engine visibility and attention from relevant industry sources.

Optimized content: Optimized content rank better for competitive keyword sets

What makes a good content creator?

  1. Portfolio has generated many positive reviews and is targeted at the relevant audience
  2. Has in-depth knowledge/experience creating content in your specific field with relevant past work to demonstrate their capabilities
  3. Ability to understand your objectives and needs and structure and create content to meet them

Main price factors

  1. Number of pages/words written
  2. Complexity of subject involved – the higher the level of domain knowledge required, the more expensive it will be
  3. Type of services
  4. Scale of request – purchasing in bulk will lower the unit costs

Expected Price Range When Hiring A Content Creation Company 


Landing pages – $1500 to $4000 for multiple pages

Blog Articles: $25 – $100 / Article

Press releases $1000 – $2000

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Cheap doesn’t mean good. Very often, what you pay for is what you get. In a world where 2 million blog posts are posted every day, you want the best, and not some filler content which no one ends up reading.
  2. Get more mileage out of the content you publish. There are a bunch of ways to do this: Promote it better, republish it, curate some of it, re-purpose your content

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. For content writers: Clear on expectations, for SEO purposes or branding. SEO purposes, must know what is the keyword. Tell them the keyword because they might not know such technicalities. Branding, what is the direction you are striving for. Be careful of hiring overseas writers because of quality issues. Check referees, ask around for past works – (Inez Wihardjo, BonAppetour, Operations Director)

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