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Having your own emcee or DJ can be more cost effective, but for certain events, having a true professional can make all the difference. They have skill-sets that can have them entertaining crowds for hours on end.

What makes a good emcee or DJ?

  1. They can read the crowd and change their setup to adapt to the current mood
  2. They have multiple contingency plans in case of technical or physical failure
  3. All of them in the field are confident, but a good emcee or DJ makes you feel welcome, not overbearing or brash, remember that when qualifying vendors.
  4. Received positive reviews from all of his past projects.

Main price factors

  1. Duration required
  2. Experience of emcee/DJ – More experienced or reputable professionals will command a similarly higher price tag

Expected Price Range When Hiring An Emcee or A DJ 


Rates can go from $500 to more than $2000 for an event.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Talk to the emcees, ask them about random things that do not pertain to their line of work and see how they speak. They must be comfortable and confident
  2. Ask the DJs for samples of their work and see if it suits the mood of your events

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