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Packaging is probably one the most powerful marketing tools of a brand: an intelligent design creates success on the marketplace. Packaging design agencies can either create a new design for your product or refresh an outdated one. Packaging design agencies also often include conducting consumer research and industry research to discover key characteristics and best practices before designing your packaging and validating the design through consumer tests.

Services and Specialisations

  • Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • New Product Packaging Design
  • Packaging Manufacture

What makes a good packaging designer

  1. Involves you in the thought and design process
  2. Very aware and very keen on finding out about your brand to align the design and your brand philosophy
  3. Focuses on your target audience and conduct research to ensure the design is customer-centric

Main price factors

  1. Complexity of design of packaging
  2. Number of drafts/edits

Expected price range when hiring packaging design services


Price range from $5,000 to more than $20,000.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Choose a packaging designer with experience, it’s not only about his/her designing skills, it’s especially about his/her knowledge of the marketplace.
  2. Beware of designers who have many unused designs in their portfolio: you are looking for a packaging designer who is successful working hands in hands with firms.
  3. You pay less if you have already conduct all your market and competitor researches.
  4. It is expensive to keep revising the proposed design because designers usually charge an hourly fee.

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. In order to get a good packaging designer, a packaging designer needs to show you a strong portfolio, ideally has done something similar to the work that you want. Make sure that they are used to working in the same medium as your product eg. paper to paper, plastic to plastic. Not just take orders from you, but will actively try to understand your target audience and suggest improvements to your packaging and your brand design. (Chiam Sing Chuen, Lazada Regional Content Manager)


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