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Working with an animated video production agency allow you to create powerful videos with complex information that every kind of audience is receptive to. Animated videos are usually 1 – 1.5 minutes long and work much better than live-action videos for explanatory purposes. Animated video production agencies offer several types of videos: motion graphics, 2D animations and infographics, modeling, 3D product visualizations, whiteboard animations and more.

An animated video production agency will first help you create the message you want to convey (both text and images), then they start animating the images and adding the sounds. The three most important things are: script writing, illustration & animation and voice & sounds.

What makes a good animated video production agency?

  1. Experience in the field and has produced multiple animated videos before
  2. Their past works are engaging and clearly conveys the intended message
  3. Strong creative mindset

Main price factors

  1. Length of video
  2. Complexity of video
  3. Extra requirements – licensed music, voice-overs etc.

Expected price range when hiring animated video production agency


Animated video producers have an hourly rate: therefor, the more complex your needs are, the more expensive it gets. A minute of animation goes from $2500 to $15000.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. If you want some changes, you should do it at the beginning of the project, if you ask for change after the animation phase, the price is going to be much higher.
  2. Choose the producer with a portfolio your company relate with: it is worth spending more money to have a result that will actually have impact in line with your goals

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