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Travel and accommodation agencies help you plan all aspects of corporate trips for your employees. Having the local connections and established vendors, they can easily facilitate all arrangements and often at a cheaper rate for any business trips.

Services and Specialisation

  • corporate travel management
  • business events & destination management
  • leisure travel

Main price factors

  1. Number of planning requirements
  2. Quality of accommodation
  3. Duration of stay
  4. Peak/off-peak seasons

Expected price range when hiring travel and accommodation services


Pricing varies greatly based on your requirements, but generally the best deals can be obtained by booking earlier with more participants with specialised agencies.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Plan your trip as soon as you can as price go up as time goes by. Make sure to give every detail to the agent in charge of your trip so he/she can plan accordingly.
  2. Know your itinerary and your objectives of the trip before approaching a firm. This will help you save time trying to scope.
  3. Look at past projects of the firm and determine if they have dealt with similarly-sized projects in the same region.


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