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Videographers handle recording to post production. However, do note that they only focus on the actual video and not the story board or any external work. Services may vary depending on the scale of your project but it mainly revolves around video and sound recording on location. They can also provide live feed services.

What makes a good videographer?

Makes effort to understand your creative viewpoint and reflect it in his work

  1. Offers personal advice on certain creative angles
  2. Understands how to tell your intended story through his video
  3. All post work is done in-house

Main price factors

  1. Location – a more inaccessible location means increased transport costs and difficulty in filming
  2. Number of crew – a larger project with more crew would result in higher per hour cost

Expected price range when hiring a videographer


Based off a single crew member with basic equipment

For a 2 hour shoot with post production, prices can range from $480 – $600

Upwards of 2days worth of filming can set you back $1900 to $2500

Live video feeds cost approximately $500 for half a day coverage.

Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Freelancers may not always be a bad thing in videography. Explore their portfolio before you decide on hiring
  2. Work with a timeline, communicate your needs to the company and see how they can meet your requests on schedule. Post production can and will possibly drag on so do preempt the people you are working with

Advice from other buyer(s)

  1. Picked through word of mouth. Both start ups, so for him is portfolio, for us is cheap price. A good videographer knows how to tell a story. Keen to ask how he should structure the story, rather than he just comes and say he can film. Storytelling is very important. Not all videographers know that. For those who can do storytelling, usually they come at a premium. Make sure they hire someone who knows to tell a story and is passionate about telling a story, not just somebody who knows how to operate a video. -David Pong, Wateroam CEO


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