5 Videos About Mobile App Development You Should Watch Today!

Mobile App Development has rapidly grown in terms of demand as more people rely on mobile phones to go about their daily life. Everyday people use mobile apps for banking purposes, entertainment, as a form of contact and even to stay up to date about what is going on in the world.

On the other end, businesses and entrepreneurs use mobile app to optimise their client services, to connect with other businesses and as a way to promote their brand. Either way, mobile app development has become vastly important and to help you understand the concept behind it, we have provided 5 mobile app development videos for watching.

How to Make an App – Secrets Top Developers Use to Gain Millions

Why you should watch this video: If you are an entrepreneur and are looking into developing a mobile app for your business, or if you simply are interested in the idea of developing a mobile app, than this short video will tell you the basics of what you need to know. Its catchy graphics and simple explanation has garnered it over a million views since it was first released in 2015. Not only that, this video will also give you a step to step guide on how to make your app make money for you. Besides this video, the channel also has a number of guides on mobile app from how to increase your profit using mobile app to how to improve your mobile app ranking; we suggest you subscribe to this channel.

Length: 8 minutes 19 seconds

Host: Mobile Mass Appeal – they call themselves Appreneurs, a play on the word app and entrepreneurs.

Watch this video here, or subscribe to their channel here.

Meet the 15-Year-Old who Makes Singapore’s Hottest Apps

Why you should watch this: Lim Ding Wen was only 9 years old when he created his first mobile app for Apple. His app, Doodle was downloaded over 400,000 times making him the youngest mobile app developer in Singapore. This video interviews Ding Wen when he was 15 (he is now 17) and discusses how he came about the idea, how his father influenced him, and some mishaps he stumbled upon along the way. Don’t be fooled by his young age, this app protégé has a lot to offer in terms of mobile app.

Host: Joanne-Marie for Singtel

Length: Less than 5 minutes so it’s a good video to watch when you are in need of that quick inspiration.

Watch this video here.

Principles of mobile app design: Delight users and drive conversions

Why you should watch this: This video is especially useful if you are already deep in to the mobile app development world. This talk covers subject like the significant way of finding and engaging with a specific app are significant and why it is critical for app developers to make sure app experiences are engaging. This video answers questions like How to best connect with the consumer of your app, what makes for a great app experience, the best practices to help reduce friction so that users convert and a few more.

Coming from a user experience researcher, you will learn a lot about how your mobile app design affects the outcome of user experience and conversion.

Host: The talk is run by Google, but this particular talk is hosted by Jennifer Gove, a User Experience Researcher at Google for over 10 years.

Length: Just under 44 minutes, so you might want to have some tea and biscuit with this while you’re taking notes.

Watch this video here.

How to launch your App out of Asia

Why you should watch this: If you already have an app and are trying to take it further to the Western countries, or you are just looking into launching an app worldwide from Asia, then this video is specifically made for you. The discussion covers subjects like managing the project efficiently, the pitfalls to avoid and making the best out of every market. It also aims to teach you how to set up your strategy for the launch of your app, understanding the key metrics per market and what to should expect and ways to optimize your marketing assets and maximize your ROI.

Host: Gregoire Mercier, CEO at Addict Mobile and Matteo Coletta, the technical senior account manager at Adjust.

Length: Just under 45 minutes.

Watch this video here.

Android Interview Questions And Answers

Why you should watch this: This lengthy video is everything you need to know when you are going for an interview for Android. So if you are an app developer fresh out of school or you’re just about to go for an interview for that job app developer job, than you will want to study this video.

It gives you an in-depth explanation of what kind of questions you will be asked, how to answer them and most importantly, how to explain them to your future employer. On top of that, this video also teaches you how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the interviewees.

Host: Brought to you by Edureka, a live and interactive e-learning platform.

Length: two and a half hours.

Watch this video here.

We hope that these videos will allow for more creative ideas to come up in your next meeting!


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