5 Videos About Video Production You Should Watch Today!


If you are into video production then you should know that there is always something new to do every day. It might be experimenting on new techniques of shooting, or sharpening your skills in video editing. You would also know that editing a 3 minutes video takes longer than just 3 minutes, depending on how complex your outcome is meant to be.

We have gathered 5 videos related to video production that we think you should watch. Whether you are always shooting for commercials or corporate videos or shooting longer, more complex film, we’ve got videos that you will not want to miss out on.

A Video Production Company: The First 100 Days

Why you should watch this: Not only will you be able to have an insight on how a video production functions within its first 3 months, but you will also be able to learn a few things. This video teaches you how to start a portfolio and build your network. In this video Jordan Anderson talks about how he started his own company and how he took job that does not necessarily appeal to him in order to get his business started. If you are looking to open up your own production company or if you are curious about how video production company works, than this video is for you.

Host: Jordan P. Anderson, Co-founder and producer at Valley Films

Length: Just a little bit over 10 minutes.

Watch this video here.

5 Things You Need As A Filmmaker

Why you should watch this: I guess good things come in fives. If you are just starting to manoeuvre your way in the video production industry and you are not sure what to invest on, than this video is your guide. Video equipments are not cheap, and with so many different equipments with different function out there, it might be overwhelming for a beginner to choose. Lets take the camera lens for example, there are different sizes that caters to different things depending on what you are trying to shoot. This video lists down the five basic things a film maker should have and why you should invest in them. To help you out more, they also provide you with the link to get the product mentioned. Apart from this video, this channel also has other tips for film makers so subscribing to this channel is highly recommended. Plus he has really amazing travel videos that you can watch to take your mind off all the stress of post-production.

Host: Matti Haapoja, Director of Photography Creator of Travel Feels

Length: 14 minutes

Watch this video here.

What Software Do You Use For Post-Production?

Why you should watch this: Well now that you have your tools and shot your video, it’s time to edit and piece them together. This video interview Jimmy Rhee, a video editor and visual effects specialist where he discusses the software tools he uses to edit his film, how he gets his visual effects and how he uses 360 degrees video. Apart from this video, you can also browse this channel for other contents relating to video production.

Host: This video is brought by 20 Questions Film

Length: Only a little over 5 minutes so it’s perfect for when you just need a quick break.

Watch this video here.

Avoid the Mistakes: Save Time, Money, and Sanity from Production to Post

Why you should watch this: This video is made for people who are new or amateur at creating and editing video. As the description goes, this video aims to “save your sanity” by teaching you how to avoid the most common mistakes in the video production and post-production chain. Hosted by twenty-year production veteran and Adobe MAX Master Jeff I. Greenberg, this video will help you save time, money, energy, and sanity by revealing what not to do in production and post-production. Apart from that, you will also learn about saving money with smart pre-production tools, learn common methods of organization both inside and outside editorial and the number one mistake you should avoid when giving copies to a client.

Host: Jeff I. Greenberg for Adobe Creative Cloud

Length: 1 hour and 33 minutes

Watch this video here.

How to Price Your Video Production

Why you should watch this video: If you are a freelancer or you’re just starting your own video production and not quite sure what to charge for your work, than this is the guide you need. This video talks about what factors to consider when you are charging you client, like travels and hiring a crew. It also talks about the quality of your job and how much profit you want to be making. This video is also useful for businesses looking to hire video production crew as it will help you understand better what you are paying for.

Host: Chrystopher Rhodes, better known on his social platform as ycImaging

Length: 7 minutes 16 seconds.

Watch this video here.


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