6 Web Development Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

There’s always something new to learn when you are working on web development although you might not have too much free time to catch up your studies. Let’s face it, working on the behind-the-screen of websites may take up hours, some even have lunch in front of their computer screen.

Thank god for podcasts, web developers can now binge listen to educational chatter on-the-go. New to the podcast world? Don’t worry, we’ve listed down 6 of our podcasts top picks for web developers, on any levels to listen to this 2017.

Developer Tea

What’s so great about this podcast besides it being for software developers? Its episodes last maximum for 10 minutes. So if you ever feel like time is not on your side, this is the podcast to listen to. Part of the Spec.fm team, this podcasts gets over 7 million downloads to date as host Jonathan Cutrell continuously brings great insight on coding, career development, and the soft skills necessary to navigate the world of technology development. Despite its short runtime, every episode is filled with rich information and thought provoking ideas to dig into.

P/s: you don’t have to be a developer to listen to this podcast. If you are looking to pursue a career in one or are working with developers than this podcast is for you too.

Shop Talk Show

No stranger to internet unsung heroes, this podcast focuses on front-end developer with and addition of interviews because what’s a better way to learn than to listen to a hands-on experience from successful developer right? Shop Talk shows uploads new episodes weekly, each about an hour long. The laid back attitude of hosts Chris Coyer and Dave Rupert makes each episode easy and fun to listen to. If you are looking for an episode to listen to first, I recommend this episode where Chris Coyer worked with a hacker that used social engineering techniques and fake documents to hack him.

Hello World Podcast

If you’re feeling stuck and you are wondering how these top software developer made it big, than this is the podcast for you. Once a Microsoft MVP, host Shawn Wildermuth interviews veteran software developers about how they got started in the industry, and how they overcame challenges in the ever changing world of technology on their way to achieving success. His latest episodes featured Microsoft Program Manager, Mads Torgersen and he has interviewed prominent developers including “Doing Objects” book series author, Deborah Kurata and best-selling Effective C++ series author, Scott Meyers. If you are in dire need of words of motivation from your IT heroes than browse the episodes of Hello World and take inspiration from these veterans.

Software Engineering Radio

This podcast differs from the ones above as it covers a wider range of topics. Instead of only focusing on web development and motivation needed in the industry, Software Engineering Radio is more about engineering in general, as you can tell by the name.

Expect to get some matter-of-fact advice from industry leaders at Microsoft, Google, and other giants of tech.

Although some of the episodes has nothing to do with software development, the episodes that are related are good enough that it is definitely worth giving a listen to. Maybe start with Episode 295 where Michael Feathers talk about Legacy codes. Each of their episodes is about an hour long.

Simple Programmer

Listening to this podcast would be like taking your mind to a team-building/retreat for software developers. Based on John Sonmez’s Youtube videos, Simple Programmer is like a motivational talk show that aims to help software developers of all levels get ahead in their careers. The show topics range from things as specific as a particular technology and app development, to something as light as keeping your mental health in check, and ways to increase your productivity as a software wnd web developer. Because of its light content, I would suggest newbie software developers to have a listen; there are a lot of things you can learn from Sonmez’s programme. Make sure to keep this one on your podcast list as you will definitely need this for the rainy days.

The Changelog

Airing new episodes every Friday, The Changelog offers discussions on open source related topics. Despite focusing mainly on application development (like Javascripts and front-end development), The Changelog still offers in-depth topics on technologies on a wider scale. Front-end software engineer and blogger, Calvin Koepke describes the podcast as “a good balance between JavaScript Jabber (which cover a wide range of topics all related to javascripts) and Software Engineering.” The format is usually interview-based. Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo usually interviews guests on topics from anthology to something more specific like the discussion of a prominent software blog, “You are not Google”.

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