5 Essential Statistics You Need To Know About Corporate Photography

Corporate photography might seem like one of the more fun things to do when it comes to your job. However, these photographs can really help with improving the branding and overall professionalism of your company. 

In this article, we’ve put together a few essential statistics we think you should look out for in corporate photography. It aims to help you be better at taking photos for corporate companies or events (if you are a photographer) and to understand better at what is expected from photographers (if you are a business seeking to get photos taken for your event or your brand).

Unlike web designing or mobile app development, corporate photography is less spoken about however it remains one of the most essential parts of marketing. Why? Because what use is a website without visual contents right? And this article helps you to understand it better.

Statistics that portray the importance of having visuals

An estimated 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018.

That’s a high number and that means you will need a lot of photos. So if you haven’t had any photos taken of your company, be it events, staff photos, or even ambience at work than you will definitely have to think about hiring a corporate photographer.

On another note, posts that include images produce a significant 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts. Again, as mentioned earlier, it’s useless to have a website if you have no images. People are more attracted to them than they are to text-only posts. Hence why you want to ensure you have enough corporate photos to post online.

As for photographers, if you haven’t yet considered corporate photography, you might want to start now. Higher need for corporate photographs means you will get a more steady income. Just remember that corporate photography is more straight-forward and not a means of art, unless you are shooting for an art gallery.

Statistics on brand marketing

45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it. This basically means that your brand is your promise, what you say you will do, how you say you will do it, and how it is done. How do you show this to your customers? Corporate photography

54% of people don’t trust brands that they have not hears about or seen over their time browsing for brands.

Most of these trust issues comes from companies failing to deliver expectations. Showcasing how you work, via photography is a really good way to create transparency between you and your client. Make them feel part of the family because 64% of people cited shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. So in order to show your value – photograph them and put it online. Photographs of genuine “at work” photos will send the right message to the right people and you will be able to see your engagements soar! 

Statistics on product promotion

According to Lucidpress, brands that are consistently presented to their customers are 3 to 4 times are more likely to experience brand visibility and the average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 23%. Additionally, 48% of consumers expect brands to know them and help them discover new products or services that fit their needs. You are in a position to make your customers your brand ambassadors and that is one of the best types of advertising and marketing. 

What does this means is that you have to be consistent when presenting your product or services. To do this, you need corporate photography. They are the ones who will help you take pictures of all your products for online contents usage.

If you are in the service industry, than having a corporate photography is really important as customers will want to know how you work.

Statistics for photography businesses

While 63% of photographers were self-employed in 2010, only 40% of photography start-ups survive the first year, 25% make it through the second year and only 15% survive to their third year.

Getting back to the first statistics, corporate photography offers a lot of jobs and it is not showing any signs of scarcity. So yes, art photography or street photography might sound fun but dive into the world of corporate photography to ensure you survive your business.

Statistics that help make taking photos easier

The average person gets distracted in eight seconds, though a mere 2.8 seconds is enough to distract some people. So if you are taking a group photo, be quick. If you can, assess the venue before an event begins. This way you will know how to set-up your subject and put them in order.

On the contrary, if you are taking pictures of a conference or of someone speaking, don’t stay around too long. You might interrupt them and the flow of the conference, which will not result in a happy client.

One last thing. People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds. So even though you are not part of the event, dress like them. You may already have this job, but you might have other potential customers floating around and you want to always be prepared. After all, you only have 50 milliseconds, that is almost like a blink of an eye!

Corporates always have pre-determined budgets that they need to use before the end of the year, make use of that and find your next big, corporate client today. Or if you’re looking for a professional corporate photographer, visit this link to find the right person for the job as well!

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