Advertising Trends You Should Look At Today

You cannot talk about marketing without talking about advertising. That has always been the case since we first learn the history of marketing. While that role has never changed, the trends in advertising have changed.

In the 1960s it was acceptable for advertisement to focus on gender-roles (i.e, women belong in the kitchen) whilst such discrimination will be frowned upon in the world today. Not only day, the type of advertising have also seen a large shift. While billboards still remain to be on the market, most brands are opting for LED billboards, or even online.

So today we are listing some of the trends in advertisement that we’ve picked up on because we don’t want you to miss out on what’s in demand in the market.

  • Programmatic Ads


While it is true that various forms of online video advertising will continue to grow this year, programmatic advertising will continue to lead the trend. As we already know, video is going to be an important part of content marketing as well as social media hence it only make sense that programmatic advertisement will continue to grow. Not only will it lead the game in desktops, laptops, mobile and tablets but it will also have a bigger scope of spreading across the (Internet of Things) IoT devices, smart watches, VR boxes etc.

Now that you know this, continue working on programmatic ads but try to modify it to suit different devices for maximum impact.

  • Audience-based advertising


Remember when advertisement decision and design are made based on age and gender? Like how you would focus more on pink if it was for women? Well those days are gone. Instead, ad targeting will focus more on niche markets and reflect more in-depth user data, allowing advertisers to create and share messages that reach specific, narrowed groups. Because of that this year, we will see a major shift from buying ad inventory based on the product or services to a focus on buying ad inventory based on the consumer end.

How is this beneficial for business? Well now you are able to not only control your audience, you’re also avoiding wastage. We all know how sensitive millennials are to discrimination (i.e. Pepsi ad that have been revoked or H&M ad that caused the whole store in South Africa to close) so take this time to really get to know your consumer and what appeal to them.

  • Build internal ads team


One of the trend that is going to take over the New Year is the shift where companies will stop relying so heavily on agencies for media buying. Instead, businesses are now focusing more on hiring their own online advertising experts to be part of their in-house marketing team. So agencies might want to start rearranging your work load now.

The reason behind this is that the quality of the traffic and leads are higher from internal campaigns and so the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) ends up being lower than those from agency-led efforts.

While advertising agencies will still play a role in media buying, you might want to start figuring ideas on how to diversify your services as marketers are no longer wanting to pay the fees.

To put it short, the rise of online advertising and internet has made it easier for everyone to have access to a whole lot of information and as far as online advertising goes, businesses are spending less with more ROI. So if you are an agency only focusing on consultation and maybe offline advertising, that might need to change if you want to survive the year. 

  • Rich Content Ads


Last year we experienced the sire of advertisement that focuses on content (i.e. instead of saying, “buy one get one free” ads that focuses on benefits for example, gets a higher view). This year, the similar type of ad will continue to rise providing marketers come up with the right content.

Brands should focus on delivering better creativity while keeping the content to the point. In the digital age, consumers get to choose whether they want to see your ad or not (let’s just assume they don’t). Gone are the days where you have to sit through a 15 minutes ads while watching your favourite show. So marketers have to be smart as users are more willing to accept an ad if it is part of their content consumption. (i.e. seeing tones of coca-cola cans being consumed by their favourite hero on a tv series, or read through a review of a moisturising cream while reading about a skin care regime)

Hence why this year you should focus more on providing quality content than trying to sell a product. Content that helps people find what they are looking for will be favoured by places like Google and Facebook. This way all your paid marketing will also be cheaper. 


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