Top 10 Procurement Companies in Malaysia

Starting a business in Malaysia and need some help with your procurement needs? Here are our list of the top 10 Procurement Companies in Malaysia.

Robert Walters Malaysia

First established in 1985 in Central London, Robert Walters now operates in over 30 countries and employs over 4000 people. Robert Walters might be an international company but it has tailored itself to blend in with the procurement style in Malaysia.

Specialising in finding roles for supply chain professionals comprising warehouse, distribution, freight forwarding, material management and other procurement functions, you can be rest assured your procurement is in the right hand

TROX Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Located in Negeri Sembilan, Trox handles more than just your procurement. They also help with the architect and your resources delivery. TROX prides themself in working closely with people – vendors, delivery workers and even factory workers to ensure they deliver only the best to their clients.

TROX’s specialty is in development, manufacture and sales of components, units and systems for the ventilation and air conditioning of commercial buildings, tunnels and facilities oil & gas.


If you are a senior in the Malaysian business industry, you may have already heard about Juneipo. First established in March 2000 in Malaysia itself, Juneipo has since evolved into an international procurement company and expanded their business into outsourcing and manufacturing.

Juneipo mostly deals with coils – from developing sensory coils all the way to coils assembly, mostly used in electrical products. If your business will require electrical manufacturing, than Juneipo is the right procurement company for you.


Definitely a recognisable name in the industry, Denso also have a dedicated team for all your procurement needs. Needless to say, with its convenient locations all around the world, you can rest easy knowing that your procurement management will reach overseas if you are planning on expanding your business globally.

The company produces a variety of products for the automotive and non-automotive industries including air conditioners, heaters, electrical & electronic devices, fuel management systems as well as compact robots.

Panasonic Procurement Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Panasonic is no stranger to a lot of people. As everyone, even consumers in Asia know that Panasonic is one of the top contenders in electrical appliances but manufacturing electrical appliances is all they do.

Panasonic Procurement was established in 2002. Based in Petaling Jaya, the company offers full procurement services and logistics solutions. It also provides provides stock operation services and imports parts and raw materials to mostly their own manufacturing companies across Malaysia.

IFS Malaysia

Founded in 1983, IFS is more than just a procurement company. It helps you come up with solutions for your supply chain management and everything in between. With services ranging from enterprise resource planning, operational intelligence as well as asset management, IFS is a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

So far, IFS has offices in more than 50 countries and have made more than 350 global partners. If you are planning on going international, IFS is definitely the right choice.

Top Repute

Managing your procurement can be hard and Top Repute aims at taking the burden away from you by providing purchasing advisory and any consultation you may need in relation to your procurement processes.

Their business mostly focuses on providing souvenir products, gifts, toys and electronic goods to retail stores and organisations in Malaysia. They can also help you analyse budget and your procurement strategies, assess opportunities, limitations and areas for improvement amongst other things.

Genting Centralised Procurement

Every Malaysian knows Genting and how well they do as an organisation. Of course, they didn’t reach the level of success they have now without a strong procurement team behind them. Embracing innovation, GCP implements eSourcing as part of their procurement services to other Genting Groups.

Genting Centralised Procurement (GCP) may only cater to their own businesses but they are still one of the best procurement companies in Malaysia and they are always open to working with new suppliers.

Abeam Consulting Malaysia

With more than 35 years of experience in the local business platform, Abeam Consulting aims at helping businesses transform. Their service includes Supply Chain Management where they focus on shortening Sales and Operations (SOP) planning cycles and manage Available to Promise (ATP) commitments.

Abeam will help your procurement team from start to finish as they give their hands-on experience in research and development all the way to the delivery process as well as help you with your IoT solutions.

Procurement Consulting

The name says it all. Procurement Consulting have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as Global 2000 enterprises to provide them the best solutions for their procurement needs. With services ranging from low-cost country sourcing to inventory management, there is no doubt that Procurement Consulting is the  best procurement company in Malaysia and globally.

ThunderQuote is the most comprehensive business services portal in Singapore, Australia and ASEAN , where hundreds of thousands of dollars of procurement contracts are sourced every month by major companies like Singapore Press Holdings, National Trade Union Congress and more.


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