Top Malaysian Companies That Work With Procurement Professionals

Procurement is a very important aspect as business and although people don’t talk about it too much (people are more prone to talk about the marketing or financing part of business), it requires a lot of hard work to build a procurement system that works.

If your procurement system is not efficient, your business is more likely going to face a loss and you might not be able to achieve the maximum amount of profit that you are aiming for. Because of its large impact on a business’s profit, some companies are taking the safe road by working with procurement professionals.

If you’re wondering whether working with procurement professionals is worth the spending – well it certainly is and as proof, here are some of the top Malaysian Companies that work with procurement professionals.

Genting Malaysia

Genting first made its name as being the developer for the biggest casino in Malaysia. Now however, Genting has stretched its business to owning several properties, especially in hotelier across Malaysia and around the world – yes, there is a Genting Resort World in Birmingham and New York City.

To keep up with its business, Genting has set up its very own procurement professionals called the Genting Centralised Procurement (GCP). The GCP team overseas any suppliers and vendors that want to work with any Genting-owned businesses as well as their current procurement stakeholders.

Genting recognises that quality is important and by creating a company dedicated to the procurement of all their businesses, they are enable to ensure that each businesses, although with different needs will get the same quality of resources that adheres to the value of the company.

Panasonic Malaysia

This Japanese electrical giant is also one of the most familiar names in the Malaysian business industry that has a company dedicated to managing the procurement for all Panasonic-related business across Malaysia.

The company, Panasonic Procurement Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. only focuses on providing supplies and exports materials and parts to Panasonic factories worldwide. This is probably one of Panasonic’s biggest secret to remaining relevant to the market and maintaining their reign as one of the trusted electrical goods provider.

While Panasonic delivers goods, Panasonic Procurement has nothing to do with their clients. The company only helps in finding vendors and manufacturing goods for any parts that may be needed for the company’s electrical good appliances. Having their own procurement professionals allow Panasonic to maintain their product safety and quality despite having factories worldwide.

Dell Malaysia

There’s a good reason why Dell can produce such quality laptops throughout all these years. Following the obvious trends with top companies, Dell also has a dedicated team of procurement professionals to provide them with a range of resources for their product assembly.

Based in Bukit Mertajam, Dell’s procurement professionals – Dell Global Procurement Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. provides more than just asset management services and resource analysis and research. However, Dell hasn’t always had a company dedicated to their procurement. The Dell Procurement Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has only been established in 2003 but it proves that having procurement professionals under one roof works as Dell still has a strong presence in the market until today.

Shell Malaysia

The big oil and gas giant also has been working with procurement professionals for the longest of time. Although their procurement team is in-house, their team encompasses of industry experts with years of experience.

Joseph Yuen, their current Procurement Manager for Shell Exploration and Production in Malaysia is responsible for the delivery and execution of all their C&P strategy and all Contracting and Procurement activities in Malaysia and globally.

Telekom Malaysia (TM)

Without Telekom, we pretty much would have a hard time staying in contact with our stakeholders and loved ones. To improve their business, TM is collaborating with Tenderin Sdn. Bhd. to transform its traditional procurement process to a digital platform.

Using the Lapasar platform, an online Business-to-Business (B2B) procurement platform developed by Tenderin, a Malaysian start-up procurement company, TM will be able to purchase general office supplies for its business operations online or using the app. The integration of digital platform will help TM save time and stay relevant to the current policies by the government.

As you can see from the examples provided above, it is clear that even the best of the best admits that having a great, dedicated team of procurement professionals is crucial to the success of a company. While some choose to establish a different company dedicates to managing their procurement, some choose to hire procurement professionals to be working under the same roof as all their different business department. Some, like TM work with procurement professionals to better improve their services to a digital level.

That being said, working with procurement professionals should definitely be considered if you want to take your business to a higher level.

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