The Best Time To Send Your Marketing Emails & Up Your Click-Throughs

Email marketing remains as one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing, with 59% of B2B marketers saying that email is their most effective way of increasing revenue. The myth that email marketing is dying is far from true, which means that it’s a resource that every business should tap in to and take advantage of.

But maybe you’ve sent your fair share of email campaigns, but just haven’t been seeing the click-throughs and sales you’d hoped. Have you ever considered the time in which you’re sending out your emails?

GetResponse analysed 4 billion emails to see when is the best time to send out emails and ensure people will actually be opening them.

They found that there isn’t a solid best timing in which to send emails, but a good time to aim for would be when workers first step into the office at 10am, as well as a lunch slot of 1pm.

Another strategy you can implement is sending your emails in the early morning hours, as open rates and click-through rates spike at 6am.

Email click-through rates are generally the highest at 12pm and 6pm, both times in which your customers would be on a break or on their commute home.

Do keep this information in mind if you are sending out time-sensitive offers, as most emails are opened in the first hour of sending, with a gradual drop as time passes. It’s best not to notify your customers of a flash sale at a time in which they aren’t as active online, only for them to have missed their chance upon finally opening your message.

What about the best days to send out your campaigns?

Again, the answer isn’t crystal clear, but the general finding is that Mondays and Tuesdays have the highest number of opens and clicks.

Interestingly, the click-to-open rate increases significantly on weekends, probably due to the fact that much less emails are being sent out on Saturdays and Sundays.

As fascinating as this data may be, it always comes down to your specific audience and their email behaviours. You may find through testing that the best times for you to send emails is different than the information above.

Timing may not be the only factor to the success of your emails, as it could also be your subject lines or content as well. Always carry out A/B tests to make sure you are catering to your audience as best as you can, according to their preferences.

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