Top 5 Attributes a Procurement Professional in Malaysia Should Have

Working in the Procurement Industry takes a lot of hard work and skills and despite putting in all the efforts, sometimes Procurement Professionals don’t get enough credits. Despite that being the case sometimes, people working in the procurement industries still do their job with a lot of passion.

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Does Singapore Have Adequate Procurement Practices?

Procurement is a big part of business that plays a huge role in helping businesses save cost and maximise their profit. However, unlike other departments like accounting and marketing, the role of procurement is seldom talked about. In fact, there are some people who still confuse procurement with stock take or delivery services.

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How Procurement Can Help Governments Level Up

Procurement does more than just sourcing out the best resources for a business and ensuring they have the best deals and quality materials. It also ensures your drivers have the best routes, best delivery deals and ensures your resources get stocked up even when everyone else’s stock is running low. Pretty simply put – it helps a business to stay running and continuously make profit.

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