10 Procurement Best Practices You Should Be Doing Right Now

As with any business process, there are a set of best practices that should be adopted to maintain business excellence and improve productivity, and the same applies to a company’s procurement process. Procurement best practices are designed to be cost-effective and capable of boosting a company’s revenues, and efficient procurement processes make up a big part of a company’s procurement policy.

While each company has their own tried-and-true procurement process, several methods are gaining popularity with established companies the world over. This article by the team here at ThunderQuote introduces 10 key best practices that should be incorporated into your company’s procurement policy and procurement process to ensure supply chain excellence.

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Creating A Modern IT Infrastructure To Grow Your Business

Businesses that are just starting out are generally on a shoestring budget, a fact that is even more pronounced in this dreary economic climate. Be that as it may, having a solid IT infrastructure is still a must, as everything in this digital age employs technology one way or another.

Having a plan for every aspect of your business is incredibly important, therefore having a strong IT infrastructure is the smartest thing to do. Starting a business is already very hard, so you need every bit of help you can get! The team here at ThunderQuote have come up with a modern IT infrastructure for your budding business.

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5 Lessons You Can Learn from Leading Content Marketing Giants

With the internet generally being the first source of information for society today, and social media permeating every aspect of our lives, is it any wonder that creative content marketing is fast gaining ground as the top marketing strategy in the online and digital sphere? The various content marketing guides easily available on the internet today all sing praises of the many digital content marketing strategies employed by corporate giants, and how the strategies have managed to boost company revenues and outreach by leaps and bounds.

Content marketing giants have made it because of the sheer fact that they are amazing at what they do. They know the best times to launch the best campaigns and they are always looking out for new and improved ideas that they can play aro

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5 Brilliant Brands That Succeeded Because of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been touted as the marketing strategy of the future. The quantity of content marketing guides available online bears testimony to the popularity of this strategy, and it shows no signs of waning in the near future. Many globally established brands have been quick to align their marketing strategies with quality content that focuses mainly on educating customers, and less on selling to them, consequently garnering positive results all around.

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The Only List You Need For Low Cost Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

The term ‘guerrilla marketing’ refers to a brand marketing strategy that is edgy and unconventional yet cost-effective, and is usually a favourite among start-ups and small businesses looking to raise brand recognition levels or introduce new products and services to the public on a tight advertising budget. Limited funding doesn’t have to mean sleep-inducing advertisement ploys that scream cheap!

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Price Guide for Your Retail Office Renovation in Australia

A swirl of recent renovation activity across Australia continues to bolster the large retail format sector. Sales growth for these retailers is always high as they move towards identifying new options to make their outlet appealing.  Retail office renovation space is underway in Sydney’s office market, with limited supply and strengthening tenant demand pushing rental growth to a two decade high.

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Optimising My SEO Content To Ensure Blog Conversions

Effective search engine optimisation copywriting (SEO copywriting) is a rare skill that if mastered, can really boost your content marketing strategies. Its main focus is to curate content that is highly engaging and so informative that readers feel compelled to share it with others or be associated with it.

This adds to the mileage of your content, consequently increasing traffic to your site and giving it authority. In content marketing, good content writing for SEO is a prized commodity and a key determinant of whether your content marketing strategies will sink or swim.

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This Is How The Best POS Software Will Revamp Your Business

So, your grocery store business is starting to unravel at the seams with each passing day. The day’s takings don’t tally up. Customers are constantly complaining about items being out of stock – it was the milk a fortnight ago, the canned sardines last week, and just two days ago, even a certain brand of bottled water! What about the time your cheeks turn red with embarrassment when a customer pointed to a shelf full of expired, moldy bread? Things just keep getting worse and now you’re sick with worry trying to figure out how to dig yourself out of this mess.

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