7 Amazing Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications have become so important in our daily life that we wouldn’t be able to function without it. Basic applications like Facebook and Whatsapp are not only important on our day to day basis, but it is also important to businesses. Mobile application development has become so important that even universities are starting to develop a degree specialising in mobile apps.

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5 Secrets To Growth and Retention Of Your Mobile App

On 8th June 2015, Apple announced that it had surpassed 100 billion downloads on the App store, which means that 850 apps are downloaded every second. Yet, Quettra found that the average mobile app loses 77% of its regular active users within the first three days of installation and then 90% of them after three months.

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Decoding Mobile App Metrics To Help You Catapult Your Company

Big data is exploding at every fringe of the internet. Did you know that in the August of 2015, Facebook experienced one billion users in a single day? With the proliferation of cheap apps and their usage, how can businesses measure how well they perform with respect to their competitors? The key to making sense of all the big numbers and crunching them into their essence lies in how well you decode your metrics.

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Initial Steps To Creating A Mobile App For Your Company

You may have heard people talking about using a program, an application, or an app. But what exactly does that mean? A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as your favourite smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks on your hand-held devices.

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How Mobile Apps Help You Breeze Through Your Daily Projects

Mobile app development and app design has definitely come a long way since smartphones first burst onto the tech scene. There are apps available for just about any task, interest or age group and what’s more, they are available on almost every platform so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues. And just as there are millions of tech consumers around the world who use these apps, there are just as many tech-savvy individuals who are good at building and designing mobile apps that bring fun and convenience to our doorsteps!

Mobile apps have become such a staple and they have definitely transformed our lives for the better.

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12 UI Design Tricks Nobody Told You About — Until Now

Mobile app building consists – for the most part – of user interface (UI) design. User interfaces are to apps what clothes are to humans – they are first things you see when you access an app. Central to the development of apps is the UI design, as a beautiful UI design is what separates a great app from a mediocre one. A user interface needs to be pleasing to the eye and user-friendly, but more importantly, it has to ‘do the job’ and allow users to interact with the app in the most effortless manner.

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Make Your Mobile App Make Money For You!

They always say that there are a million and one ways to make money. In the 21st century, with the existence of mobile apps, we have now realised that it is more than possible to make money with a mobile app. The mobile market has grown substantially over the years and industry experts predict massive growth for the years to come. An app done right has all the potential in the world to make your money for you.

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10 Inspiring Quotes on Mobile App Design

As more and more people embrace the smartphone age, the number of consumers online continues to multiply each day. Mobile app would help put your business in your customer’s pockets. A report from Flurry indicated that in 2014, 86% of times spent online via smartphones are spent using apps. A mobile developer helps and creates opportunities for companies in building your own app, app maker and mobile apps download. In 2017, the global mobile application market will reach $ 77 billion and continue its growth. With multiple app monetization strategies and the growing adoption of smart gadgets, apps have become a new channel of customer acquisition.

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