Do I Really Need To Hire A Corporate Photographer for My Business?

Without a doubt, the answer would be yes, you really do need to a hire a corporate photographer for your business. You must be thinking that no it is not that necessary since we all have smartphones with good cameras that is just within a pocket reach away. This phone’s are also able to take 100 over pictures of just you and your ‘OOTD’ but think again, is this the real reason you choose to hire a corporate photographer?

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The Ultimate Guide To Corporate Photography

We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, in many cases creating quality commercial and corporate images to promote your business or organisation is overlooked. Corporate photographers are commissioned to shoot corporate photoshoot for company advertising, promotion and documentation purposes. It is the Corporate Photographer’s job to shoot images that present the client’s products, services or facilities in the best possible light.

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Corporate Team Photos That Will Impress Your Competitors!

Most of the companies will need corporate team photos. Virgin Pulse studies shows that 77% of millennials rank culture as important, or more important than salary and benefits. Since they are now the largest segment of the working population, targeting millennials is critical. Corporate team photos and corporate photoshoot indicates what type of people work in an organisation.

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Try Out These Corporate Photoshoots To Get More Attention!


Every picture tells a story, so the saying goes. In a corporate setting, a photograph is an efficient tool to document a company’s growth and successes, a means of generating publicity for their products and services, and a method of capturing key business processes, personnel and key moments at company events. It is also designed to reach out to targeted segments of society, ranging from fresh graduates and professionals for hire, to potential investors. Corporate photoshoots can net quite a handsome sum for skilled photographers, and it is increasingly common to find that photography studio hires are also moonlighting as freelancers.

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