The Best Way To Approach A Mobile App Redesign


Changes are necessary and it is of utmost importance to focus on exactly what it is that needs to be changed. If a mobile app development company is in the process of a redesign, they obviously already know that something isn’t working. Before making changes, however, it is important to determine exactly what the problems are before altering something that might have been working. The first thing to understand is; why is the app being redesigned?

The team here at ThunderQuote wants to help you determine the problems and figure out the best way to approach your mobile app redesign. It is a stressful project to work on so we wanted to list down the ways you could best approach it so that it turns into a great experience for you and your team.

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5 Tools You Need To Be Using If You’re In The Web Application Industry!

Today, the World Wide Web is exponentially growing; changes seem inevitable as we see improvements in web applications and opportunities for building successful websites. However, it is good to note that these improvements are great as it does help us get so much more done nowadays! It is also getting more complex than before. Web developers need more tools that can help lift some of the weight of website development. The web application market is going through a significant change, and through this evolution, it’s playing an increasingly important role in a company’s competitive advantage, well the same applies to web developers. Web application development, web design and development, web design and developers focuses on building amazing user experiences. It is important to understand some of the fastest and relevant tools available in the market for web application development.

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5 Common Mistakes in Mobile Web Design


Have you ever come across a website-gone-wrong on your phone and leave after just 5 seconds?

Building an app or web is not a “one size fits all” job. You may have a website or app which looks perfect on the computer, but it does not mean your design will work on a mobile device. A study by comScore shows that approximately 52% of internet usage are by mobile devices in 2015 and it will continue to rise. With mobile web marketing growing, how do you ensure that your mobile website grows your site traffic?

Always avoid the common mistakes below in your mobile web development!

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4 Budget Friendly Mobile App Developing Tools

With the massive growth of mobile app use these days, it’s hard to look past creating a mobile app for your business. You could potentially miss out on an important revenue source, if you don’t decide to develop one. However, the task of finding a mobile app developer might sound abit costly and developing one yourself seems like a daunting task. But you don’t always need a complicate app with expansive functions. It usually depends on the type of business you’re doing the complexity of your app differs. Most times you might just need a simple one you can whip up with these following tools:

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Top 5 Resources for Developing an Android app

Many companies are now diving into the trend of creating their own mobile app. But it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to pick up right into and I’m sure we’re all a little press for time to slowly learn this new complicated skill. Learning to develop an app for Android would require you to set up Android Studio, download the SDK, learn Java and more. While the inertia for starting is definitely real, and the journey seemingly daunting, there are several resources you can check out to guide you along.  You can use these 5 resources to pick up a new skill at your own convenience.

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Should You Get A Mobile App?

Mobile apps have become an almost indispensable part in the way customers and businesses interact, and with over 3 million apps in the Android and Apple app stores, the demand for such apps is tremendous. It has also revolutionized the way businesses operate, making it even more important for businesses to jump onto the mobile app bandwagon to remain competitive.

You probably have thought of creating your own mobile app, but are still undecided on whether you should take this leap. Here are some pros and cons:

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The Latest Top Web Development Services You Need!

The web development market, especially in Singapore, is saturated and extremely competitive. It is often difficult to stay above the rest when there are so many companies out there. However, competition is does not always have to be threatening. With the sheer amount of web developers available, companies have to be smart with what they do. They have to constantly be innovating in order to stay competitive. This is not a bad thing. It forces you to be better, more productive, more innovative.

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How much does UI/UX design cost in Singapore? (UI UX Designer, Design Firm, Company) : ThunderQuote


Impressing your client is fundamental in growing your business, and this is can be done through UI/UX design. This guide by ThunderQuote aims to provide you with a rough gauge to calculate your total budget when hiring a UI/UX designer.

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The Various Types of Web Design and Figuring Out The Best Type for You



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When you launch a business nowadays, it’s hard to find a business that does not have a website. It can be just a simple website that is maybe just one page or it can be a super fancy, amazingly designer website that allows for user to interact with. The bottom line is that most businesses need a website to ensure recognition and growth. We don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore. So how is someone going to find out about your company and give you a call when they need your services? It’s almost impossible to advertise your company for cheap nowadays. Billboards may cost millions and newspaper adverts can only go so far.

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist For Your Thriving Business


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Gone are the days when you create a marketing campaign, spend thousands of dollars only to pray and hope that someone spots your billboard. Marketing itself have come a long way and right now the best way to go is digital marketing. With the freedom given to us by the internet, marketing has never been easier. You can set your campaign on one website and share with it with the rest of the world. Doesn’t that sound amazing? However, digital marketing should not be taken lightly because it requires the same amount of work. But you do get to be more creative because there is more room for experimenting online.

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