8 effective tips for a killer marketing event

In order to execute a killer event, you would want a good turn up and high conversion rates. Additionally, as an event marketer, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly while focusing on your main task: promotion and network.

Planning a successful marketing event campaign can be stressful. But here are some tips to help you accomplish a successful event.

Before diving into the planning stages, ask yourself these questions:

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6 low-cost ways to advertise your startup!

Investing in advertising might not be on the top of the list for some small businesses and startups due to cost constraints. While insufficient funding and financial inflexibility can be limiting, it doesn’t mean you should completely overlook advertising you business altogether. Furthermore, print ads and banner ads are often extremely expensive and may not be effective for small businesses. There are definitely cost effective ways to advertise your company. Here are the best ways to get the greatest returns on advertising at low-cost for your company.

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Planning To Start A Business? – Here Are The Most Common Businesses in Singapore!


Picture Credits : nextinsight.net

Singapore has been known for a long time to be the commercial hub of Southeast Asia and it’s no secret that Singapore has grown exponentially ever since. With the amazing sights and the multicultural people it is the best place to plant and grow your business. Singapore has something for everyone and almost anyone is allowed to come into Singapore and start a business. The people are friendly and they are always open to trying something different. The government is stable and you do not need to be afraid of someone stealing your valuable when you’re walking down the street. The security is impeccable. In addition to that, Singaporeans are extremely hardworking and they never take no for an answer. You will secure yourself super hardworking partners and workers the minute you’ve established your business.

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The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up A Tuition Centre in Singapore



Picture Credits : masschoolbuildings.org

If you’re a native Singaporean, you know how high Singapore education system is ranked. Being on top of so many global lists, there is a certain standard attached to how we educate the young here. One testament to the Singapore education system is the fact that we have a lot of foreigners sending their children to our schools. In Singapore, if you don’t keep up in your studies, it is quite possible that you will get very left behind in the the race to becoming well-rounded adults. There are so many tuition centres charging high tuition fees so how do you compete against them?

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What Are The Top Services You Need To Start Your Own F&B Business?


Starting a business is always daunting and extremely scary especially in Singapore. This is because over the years the amount of restaurants and cafes have doubled and almost every concept has been used and it’s hard to create a one of a kind establishment. But do not let this disappoint you because we feel that the foundation of any service is the most important thing. If you set up your company right from the beginning you have a much higher chance of succeeding and taking over the industry sooner or later.

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Ultimate Retail Renovation Checklist In Singapore | ThunderQuote

If you’re ready to give your retail business a new look but have no idea where to start, then this is the article for you. The renovation process can be very tedious and difficult. There are many things you need to consider before going ahead with renovations, such as engaging architects, designing floor plans, sourcing for contractors and more. Here is a retail renovation checklist to ensure that you’re on the right path.

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Top Services For Event Companies To Get More Customers!

As an event company, procurement for logistics and services is definitely an everyday task. The swiftness of procuring for the right products and services determines whether or not you will be able to meet deadlines as well as expectations of the clients. What are some of the services that are most commonly procured by an events company?

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Office Relocation Checklist For Singapore | ThunderQuote

Are you thinking of moving to a bigger and better office? But now the question is what do you need to do to get there? An office relocation sounds pretty simple to do but there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it and requires a fair bit of organisation to pull off smoothly. So it is important that you are well prepared for the office relocation project, so that disasters like unfurnished offices or unavailable spaces occur. These mishaps could potentially disrupt your company’s function and affect your revenue.

ThunderQuote has put together a simple checklist for you to counter these issues and give you an overview of how your office move is likely to go and all the parties you’d need to work with, including employees, licensing authorities and vendors.

So what are the essential things you need for an office relocation? Here’s a full timeline of what to do and expect!

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Price Guide for Commercial Renovation in SG (Office, F&B, Retail)

Planning for your up-coming renovation but unsure of the budget and cost to renovate your office, F&B or retail? Renovation costs can range from S$320 to S$1080 per sqm. The cost of renovation depends on layout complexity, size of unit, materials, flooring, plumbing or any electrical and of course before the heavy work starts, consulting fees. Here’s a rough guide for you guys to gauge the cost of your next renovation:
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