Useful Information When Hiring Engineering Services Firms

Engineering companies provide both process and testing solutions to a wide range of problems.

Engineering services are customized and may encompass a wide variety of services.
Pure engineering firms supply design, analysis, and consulting services pertaining to specialized structural, mechanical, electrical, and other components and systems.

In the process sector, engineering firms provide services including procurement, system integration, construction, plant installation and calibration. In the testing and inspection industry provides certification and third party testing to ensure clients equipment and processes meet industry standards.

Main price factors

  1. Materials utilised – More complex equipment with stringent requirements will normally require the use of pricier materials.
  2. Project time factor – A longer project would mean more of the firm’s labour being locked in, thus increasing costs on your end


The difficulty in estimating costs for engineering services lies in the fact that most projects are specific to a client and fees are highly dependent on the type of project, which could range from the thousands to hundreds of thousands. <I’m not sure how to estimate a fee value>

Tips, tricks and challenges