Incomplete event marketing

Event marketing can make a huge impact on your audience and leave a lasting impression for time to come. It offers more than a sales pitch, but an all-rounded experience that gives the consumer a firsthand sense of the company and it’s product.

In event marketing, you need to take note of two things: event type, and engagement mode. Event marketers handle a number of different event types, and there are two modes by which event marketers are engaged.

Services and Specialisation

Event Types:

Product launch – consumers get to touch and try the product

Grand opening – People from the community can have a tour of your business

Workshops and seminars – Education on how your services can benefit people

Tradeshows – Bringing business buyers to an aggregation of booths

Engagement modes:

  1. Hiring an event marketer to run events as part of a marketing campaign
  2. Hiring an event marketer to fill seats (sell tickets) for an event for you.

Main price factors

  1. Type of event
  2. Size of event
  3. Complexity of marketing service required
  4. Event Venue


  1. Per seat filled
  2. Per event by headcount

Tips and tricks / challenges

  1. Paid events are much harder to fill seats than free events, but have significantly lower dropout rates