Useful Information When Engaging Human Resource Agencies

The lack of skilled & unskilled labour is one of the critical bottlenecks to scale for most businesses & organisations. Being part of your companies’ HR team might get even more stressful because of the fact that it’s difficult to find good talent that will help build and grow your company.

This particular guide was made to ensure you know what to look for when you decide to engage in human resource agencies. 

You generally have three choices when building up skilled and unskilled labour pools.

1. You can recruit and train in-house labour (promote from within) yourself.

2. You can outsource the function to a contractor / outsourced / BPO firm or contract labour from them.

3. You can engage a HR agency to recruit high level talent for you or provide temporary labour for blue collar labour.

Services / Specialisation

Generally, HR agencies are broken into two general categories :

  • Executive Search (white-collar)
  • Temporary Labour (blue collar: F&B, Hotel, Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, Factory Work etc.)

Main Price Factors

  • Urgency of requirement
  • Specialisation of labour type
  • Scarcity of labour type required
  • Type of engagement mode (contract, full-time, part-time, ad-hoc)

Expected Price Range For Human Resource Agencies


  • Executive Search is chargeable on a X months of the executive’s pay commission basis
  • Temporary and Contracted labour are chargeable on a nominal pay scale plus admin / management fee markups

Tips, tricks & challenges

  • Make use of HR agencies when you have urgent requirements for manpower or when you require a temporary solution while you search for permanent hires
  • Insist on labour continuity, ask the temporary labour agencies to assign you the same manpower over an extended period of time. Having to retrain staff every other day is a big difficulty for organisations.