Useful Information When Engaging Companies For Industrial Setup

There are a number of possible industrial setup services you’d need when setting up your factory. In general, a factory setup is a large investment which requires expertise in Quality Management, process engineering and subject matter experts in the specific manufacturing process involved.

Deciding to take on a project this huge will require a lot of planning and work. Some of the services that you would need are listed down below!

Services / Specialisation

  • Overall design of factory
  • Factory automation / equipment (conveyor belts, packing machines etc.)
  • Process engineering
  • Building of clean rooms
  • Building of controlled environment rooms
  • Packaging lines
  • Assembly line setup

Main Price Factors

  • Degree of customisation of machinery
  • Layout of factory space
  • Degree of sterilisation of space / amount of contaminant control needed (clean room vs. normal working environment)
  • Complexity of manufacturing process
  • Other special requirements (RH control, temperature control)
  • Degree of specialisation vs. standardisation in manufacturing process & tools

Expected Price Range For Industrial Setup

Tips, tricks & challenges

  • Use standardised/common components, machinery, tools and processes where possible
  • Replace customised requirements with off-shelf components and machinery
  • Look for firms which have a strong track record in building similar production lines or factories