Incomplete IT integration

IT integration is the process of bringing together several sub-systems into a single efficient system. IT integration is normally required after mergers & acquisitions.

Services and Specialisation

  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Post integration support and training

Main price factor

  1. Number of systems to be integrated
  2. Complexity of system to be integrated


Tips, tricks and challenges

  1. Make sure that security challenges have been addressed before embarking on IT integration
  2. IT integration is usually long and complex; therefore, it can be good to break down the project into small steps to see how the project is evolving.

Advice from buyer:

Programming: Give timeline, should cut pay when he doesn’t meet timeline milestones. Takes things out of perspective. Watch out for technical purists. Programmers will tell you something that is optimizing speed/process. But if the skill needed to do that requires a higher level of complexity/longer time, it is still better to go back to the basics. To work well with a freelancer, give them a specific task. Be open to programmer’s opinions. Don’t need elegant solution for now. Bugtesting: In terms of finding bugs, there’s a technical way to do it, everytime do a specific section, print out a certain line, A log so if something goes wrong, you can look at the log to identify the error. (Sean Yap, Futureremedy labs, Product development and sales)